Unique web address

Just got the email, we’re being assigned a web address that goes straight our listing. Maybe for super-herosts only.

"Hello Nick,

We appreciate all you do as a Superhost to make your guests feel welcome. To make it easier for you to promote your listing, we’re giving you access to a new marketing tool: custom web addresses. Now you’ll have the opportunity to create a link to your property that’s as unique and personal as your hospitality style. Mark your calendars now – starting on 28/08 at 2pm PST , you’ll receive a dashboard banner inviting you to create your own customised web address.



I guess people will have to be quick to get the name they want.

Already got one. Registered my domain and told it to route to my AirBNB landing page, easy peasy. :slight_smile:


I recall getting the host newsletter that mentioned that this was coming just after I’d had business cards printed with my airbnb link on them.

Ideally everyone would have a unique name already. Is Cosy Cottage taken already?

Cosy Cottage taken, Kozy Cottage and Quozy Cottage still availables :slight_smile:

Vista Print is super cheap, get more cards… Even better print the cards with your direct contact info why route your marketing efforts through Air?



The cards are primarily for the dog boarding business. On one side it has my direct contact info and my website for dog boarding. The other side says “we board humans too” and my Airbnb link. If a dog client wants to call and talk to me about my Airbnb room and book direct I have no issue with that. If an Air guest wants to take a card (they are in the room) and contact me direct about future Airbnb stays, I have no problem with that. I have zero interest in paying for and setting up my own website for the Airbnb room.

Because they are the absolute undisputed market leader for my kind of rental. If I had a vacation rental like you and many others here I’d have my own website. Airbnb has been fantastic for me and I have no need to use anything else.

Yep, that’s where I got mine.


Waste of money. Just collect them from other people, cross their name out and put yours in.

Money saving tip #749



I had some older black ones with my DogVacay info on them. For over two years I got out my ruler and magic marker and neatly and carefully blacked out the DogVacay info. My cell number and email address have been unchanged for over 20 years so it’s a good bet that any cards with those will still have value in the future; even so, as fast as things change no business card info will likely outlast the card. It’s a good thing business cards are cheap because they aren’t very useful

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LOL. Spelling these days. I’m thinking I’ll go with Dusty Karma Casa. I bet unlike Cosy, dusty in Airbnb titles is widely available.

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Maybe not but probably Cozy Cottage is…:wink:

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I thought I’d have a better chance with the British spelling but apparently not.

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Yes, I bet! I admit I laugh when ever I see your word cloud with Dusty as the most prominent word…and think, man people must think that host never dusts anything. Lol :kissing_heart:

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It’s a great way to reinforce the underpromise/overdeliver theme.


John, perhaps I could enlist your help in dealing with my cheapskate…er…frugal retired Florida nurses?


I heard about this, but I never got an email. Is there a direct page yet?

not for a couple of days

This seems like a remarkable opportunity for StompyWalkersBasement.
That’s a catchy web address.



Is “/twat” already taken or have you checked yet?:rofl:


You sure you want to advertise a dusty house? I know it’s Dusty’s house. Just sayin. edit: (saw your underpromise/overdeliver comment after posting. funny.)