Unapproved Late check-out and Airbnb paid!

I just wanted to post a happy ending. A long time ago I must have seen someone mention “make sure you put it into your house rules that late check-outs past 11am will be charged 100% of the nightly fee.” I used this wording exactly so thank you to the person who may have mentioned something similar in months past. I’ve never had someone leave past 11am in almost 2 years. (A few have requested it and if I am able to give it to them, I do.) But yesterday I had a guest, who was difficult from the beginning, text me at 10:58am that he overslept and wanted an extra 30 minutes. By the time I saw the text, it was 11:40am and he was still there. My cleaning crew had already tried to get inside but they realized someone was still there and waited. He failed to respond to my texts and phone calls. I almost had to leave work to go home and deal with it since I had another guest checking in shortly. But ultimately, he left at noon and sent a text at 11:58am that he had checked-out (while sitting in my driveway). I started a resolution claim requesting one night’s payment. He responded stating that the time-stamped text message was incorrect in that he checked-out on time and only sent the text that he had checked-out after he had been driving. I actually have camera footage of him sitting in my driveway (arlo netgear cameras are on the front of my house) with timestamps on it. But Airbnb didn’t need that. They just paid me a full night’s payment. Airbnb said they paid me because this was in my house rules, clearly stated. And they paid because it was obvious from the text thread that he was still in my house past the check-out time. So, for anyone that does not have this wording in their house rules, you will rarely have any troubles with late check-outs if you put it there. And when you do have a hassle, Airbnb will come through for you.


Are you a lower cost per night place? 100% nightly rate seems rather punitive for 1 hour late check out. But that may depend on if 1 night is $25 or $300

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I mean… I like how you took charge but… it does seem a little over the top to charge another full night for a guy who overslept by an hour. They might have paid out but I’m sure you’ll be hearing about it in the review. I get slammed for things in my house rules so that won’t save you come review time. But as I say, I do like hosts who have the guts to be firm. And you sure have that. :rofl:


It is certainly meant to be punitive. And, I think, it is working. This was the first time in two years that someone did not get out at 11am without prior approval. So I’m fine with the punitiveness of it. It was very stressful when my cleaning crew was waiting, and I was at work 30 minutes away, trying to figure out if I should call the police. This person had no problems inconveniencing people around them. I have no problem following through on a promise to charge them for inconveniencing us all. I’m happy that Airbnb backed me up. That was the point of my post. Airbnb will back you up if you put something like this in your rules. If it is too punitive for you, then charge them what you want. But I would put something in there at the very least. These were the kind of people that should have been in a hotel, not an airbnb (texting at 2am to me to let me know the lamp wasn’t working (it was but they didn’t try to turn it on at the lamp, not the switch), singing loudly, bringing in their own speakers to play loud music, coming in at 1am very loudly, not recognizing they are in a residential neighborhood and all of my neighbors can hear them.) So 100% of the nightly fee is appropriate for my situation. It may not be for yours. And, as I said, this was the first time I enforced it.


It is totally over the top, I agree. These guests were totally over the top. I’m a superhost. I’m not worried about one bad review. It’s worth the money to me to suffer through the bad review. I’ve had 2 horrible reviews in the past when I put my foot down (“no, you can’t have 3 people stay over because you are all too drunk to drive and yes, I will charge you the $50 extra guest fee for last night for all of them because I don’t want more than 2 people in my place.”) My extra fees are meant to stop bad behavior. That guest actually left my water running for 4 hours in the bathroom, turned on the A/C, left the doors and windows open. She’s been banned from Airbnb. People still booked after those two bad reviews over a year ago. So I’m o.k. with the risk.


I agree that a night’s charge for oversleeping is excessive. But after reading about the other behavior I see why you had no problem following through. And as far as the bad review, those can work to your favor. If you don’t want people checking out late and this guest lets people reading reviews know it it might be more effective than your rules.

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You didn’t tell the backstory on the guest. I just thought it was a guy who overslept! :rofl:

I’m not clear if she/he is talking about the same guest.

I find It happens so often on this forum…I give advice based on what the OP has initially related, then the OP adds more background and details which changes everything and my input either appears foolish or has me back-pedaling. (sigh)


You are all correct. I did not give the backstory and should have. I was just so excited that Air paid me I wanted to share. The guests were horrible guests and the fee helped to keep my resentment down. The other horrible guest I mentioned in a reply was something separate that happened from another attempt from me to collect fees. I learned my lesson from that to wait until they leave to request the money. I don’t post much so please forgive me for not being thorough. My main point was just that if you have it in your house rules, air will back you up.


Good for you! The guest was disrespectful of your place and of your time.

I have in my rules that I will charge $100 for a late check out unless otherwise agreed upon in writing and that works to deter the late stayers.

Just added it! Thanks. Here is what I wrote:

If you need late check out, just ask we may be able to accommodate at no cost but no bags can be stored before or after official checkin/out. Any unapproved late check out will be charged $50 fee via Airbnb.


Good for you. Had a similar situation, but they had also trashed the place, and then the next guests arrived as the previous guests were scampering around trying to get their bags packed (having finally showed up to check out 3 hours after checkout), and the next guests understandably didn’t want to check in, so I let them cancel (overriding my typical “strict” cancellation). But Airbnb wouldn’t give me anything for the lost nights (and I fought and fought). Was that because my damage deposit ($350) was used up by the work needed (and approved by Airbnb) to repair all the damage that had been done? I assume your extra night came out of the damage deposit?

I think she’s talking about different guests @SandyToes so your reply is valid
Seems like 3 different stays but the oversleeping guy, not clear if he did any other thing except late check out

I’m not sure I would say “ask” because it’s like saying you offer it. I would just say no, and let them ask while they are there. And you can do it on a case by case basis.

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It was three different stays like you said.
#1 guy was horribly loud in the middle of the night, did not read instructions on how to get into his apartment and tried my front door by accident at 1am, texting after midnight to discuss non-urgent matters (he couldn’t figure out where the switch was to the light), very disrespectful, asked for late check out 2 minutes before check out. Lied about when he checked out. Airbnb paid me my fee. #2 woman was over a year ago, brought drunk friends home beyond my 2 person max and no extra guests policy. The morning I confronted her and sent a request for money, she refused, left water running, left A/C on and windows and doors open, etc. I did not get money from Airbnb except $30 for the wasted water, because I had not put the extra guest fee in the correct place for guests to agree to it prior to booking. I got a horrible review from her. But even after that horrible review (including lies about spiders and bugs and cockroaches), people still booked my place. I read good advice in this forum on how to respond to negative reviews and I think my one sentence response which was dismissive of her concerns as a revenge review convinced new guests that the guest was crazy and I was not. The third horrible review was from someone else I tried to collect money from for sneaking in extra people. People definitely don’t like to be called on their crap. But I don’t like to be taken advantage of. And it seems to me that if you have enough 5 star reviews, you have enough power to call people on their crap (so long as you have previously documented what the penalties are) and airbnb will back you up. I can totally see how I look like and unkind person from my initial post without all the backstory. I didn’t intend that at all. If anyone were to ask for a late check-out and I didn’t have another guest coming, or cleaning crew arriving, I’d say “of course!” and give it to them for free. 95% of my hosting has been wonderful and carefree. Some people suck. Before Airbnb I thought nobody sucked. I was naive.
Airbnb has made me a bit jaded by just these few experiences. I’ve figured out a way to continue with it while being able to tolerate the few people that suck. Just wanted to help people know how to collect “resentment” fees when people mess with your life and your business.


I’ve tried to get airbnb to give me money for extra guest fees out of the damage deposit and they refused stating that it had to be for damage. So I’m not sure where they got the money from. I think my security deposit is $100 and this fee was more than that. So they must have just charged the person’s card, or paid me from their own account. I think if I were in your situation, I’d have packed up their stuff and left it in the driveway and let the cleaning crew get started. If I’m at work, I have a person I pay for things like this who lives nearby. I also have cameras on my driveway to see when people actually leave so I can send the cleaning crew in early if the guests leave early. The cameras have been well worth the investment. I think you were right to let the next guest cancel given that awful situation. I’m sorry that happened to you.

That’s true, this is the reason Airbnb said they believed me with my problem guests. Makes it tricky for new hosts.

Sure seems to be an uptick in crap guests. Could it be the maturing of the platform in that they have grown into this place that encourages and rewards entitled behavior?

We need to all start working on creating our independence from the Air BnBehemoth. For some us it may mean we have to break with them.

I have told how I have been with them from the very beginning. It was fun then, sort of funky and something different to do. Reviews were an afterthought, not a crazed obsession. They were not even double blind then!

I find myself becoming so weary by the fear of the review system. I don’t feel that way on other platforms, because there is not the same pressure to be perfect or die.

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I know.

Try not to let that HORRIBLE DINKUS’ lying review get you down! It’ll work itself out - maybe we’re just getting a lot of bad ones because it’ll all be excellent guests from here on in! :cocktail::sunny: