Unapproved Late check-out and Airbnb paid!

Thanks, etozer, for suggesting fees charged for unapproved late check-out be added to House Rules.
I just did that:
Late check-outs will be charged $50 unless prior written permission is received from the host.

It would need to be a late check-out exceeding one hour, or more, beyond the posted time for me to enforce the rule but it may act as a deterrent.

I agree with Etozer. 1 hour or so late means that you have to pay for the crew standing idle who wants to get paid, and my time dealing with issue. I always accommodate when I can and give them all a 30 minutes grace period. Sometimes I am the one cleaning 2 listings in the 4 hours that I have, and they could potentially make me late for both! As long as they are told up front, it is fair.

I’m curious, how much did you give your cleaning crew who had to wait?

In this particular situation, my cleaning crew was able to start on my house while they waited for them to leave. And he left in time for them to clean it before the next guest arrived. So I didn’t pay them anything extra. Sometimes, they are not scheduled to clean my own house and would have had to wait. I probably would have paid them $20-40 an hour to sit and wait depending on how many people had come to clean.

I don’t think anything is excessive if it’s stated and fully disclosed in the house rules. Most of the time, no one actually reads the rules prior to booking or requesting to book. I clearly state that I do not rent to families with small children because my swimming pool is easily accessible from the house. If someone leaves the patio door open, a toddler could be in the fool within 5 feet. I still get requesting to book from people with small kids.

This is your house. These are the rules you set. A guest oversleeps? Too bad. Whether it’s a full night stay or a $100 fee, there’s a penalty for the guest’s inability to be a responsible adult. Hotels charge fees for overstaying your booking.

I think the number of problem guests is rising because Airbnb is becoming more mainstream. I’m not sure if new people are more entitled, or think home sharing means fewer rules and restrictions.