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Unable to find my listing with a few filters set

Hi everyone,

I’m unable to find my listing on a browser where I’m not logged into. The browser is Firefox, though I doubt that matters. Details follow.

http://towerroom.net redirects to my listing.

I went to airbnb.co.in and selected Mumbai, India. This gave me countless hordes of listings.

Then I selected the following:

  1. Room Type: Private room

Filter on:

  1. Cancellation: moderate

  2. Amenities: Internet

Note: I haven’t entered any dates, nor have I restricted the price.

Surprisingly, at least to me, this reduces the listings in Mumbai to 37 listings. My understanding is that just “Internet” means wired internet vs wireless. Is that right?

However, my room isn’t listed among these 37.

I was wondering if other people could repeat my experiment. I’ve tried using airbnb.com, but, tiresomely, Airbnb redirects me to airbnb.co.in when I try to do a search.

If you perform this experiment, please verify that my listing does satisfy those parameters - don’t take my word for it.

I did a search. You were listed about 80th out of 98 rentals under those filters

To increase your search results.

  1. Login daily
  2. Respond a.s.a.p to guests
  3. Edit your listing daily (even by adding a word then removing it) this will bump you up

Generally being an active host is what Airbnb like.


Thanks, Paul. I wonder why I am getting such different results. Perhaps I have some extra filters/parameters set that I don’t know about? And which Airbnb site did you use?

And thanks for the tip. I do 1 and 2. I edit my listing regularly, but not daily.

I’ll test it on co.uk and the app in a second.

I searched Mubai with the filters you gave and I got 48 listings and yours was there at 11 down. Here’s the link

And a screenshot

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Thanks @Maggieroni.

It’s weird that everyone gets such different results. Different rankings, maybe, but a different number of results is just strange. And Airbnb doesn’t helping by apparently caching at least some of the search parameters. Does anyone know a good way to clear this apart from doing a browser wide clear?

Hi Faheem,
I went to Airbnb.com and put in exactly what you said to get 48 results. Without the parameters there were over 300. I did it a couple of times with the same outcome.

Hi @Maggieroni,

I’m sure you did it correctly. I’m just wondering why I got such different results. And Paul apparently got something else again, and on Airbnb.co.in too! Weird.

Sync with an outside calendar. Even if it is a blank Google Calendar file, this will also give you a boost. Since it is done automatically, you don’t have to actively do anything.

Thanks for the tip. @felixcat. I’ll give that a try.

Number 11 out of 50 properties. I am using Google Chrome.

I did filter for regular internet, private room, moderate cancellation, and no dates.

Actually, I went to https://www.airbnb.co.in/s/Mumbai--India and then did it from there, and I get 50 rentals, and mine is at 10. So similar to what @Maggieroni got. It seems Airbnb may not cache stuff, they just add crap to the URL. Here is the URL - but it keeps trying to add stuff to the end.

Note that it seems to take very little to change the results of the listing. I just resized the window, and the url changed drastically, and my listing dropped to 18.

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Thanks @cabinhost. Did you use airbnb.com? So it looks like we are mostly getting similar results, though Airbnb tries to muddle it up.

On app you were first and co.uk I couldn’t even find it but I checked co.in again and you are now like 20th out of 98. Did you edit your listing?

I’m not sure. I was screwing around with it earlier, dropping prices in June. I think I’ll try @felixcat’s syncing calender thing. It’s like basically zero overhead. it’s weird that it’s not on co.uk. Can someone else in the UK check? It keeps redirecting me here. Does anyone know a way to stop it?

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I just did it again because I could not remember.

I typed “airbnb” into google search. Then the top result was the paid ad. But I clicked the second one which was the regular Airbnb site. Now you show up number 9 out of 50 for me after filtering.

Im not saying its not on co.uk i just didn’t check after the 100th listing because there was 300+

When you re size the window the map area adjusts the listings. So the closer in you are on the map, the fewer listings. We are on a small island with only 8 listings but the search will often include many listings off the island but not too far away.

Hi @Maggieroni,

Ah, I see! Excellent. Thanks for the explanation.

But with the filtering, there would be around 50, surely?

Oh, and it strikes me that there is an easy way to resolve the mystery of why you see 98 (or 80) listings. Can you provide your URL?

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