Ummmm NO, you cannot bring hookers here

So, we have a basement suite in our home. We are nice people… Myself, my hubs, a new baby, a docile basset hound and two cats that really don’t come out of hiding unless they need something. Ha!
Our airbnb suite is really nice in the sense that it is accessed by the side door that is semi private (we still use it to bring in groceries etc) however we do mention that it is semi private in the listing. So a few nights ago, I sent our guests check-in instructions as we have a key-pad and it makes this process a whole lot easier with a new baby as you can imagine. The night before we had a little issue, we had two guests stay the night but only 1 was on the reservation and we wouldn’t of had any clue had we of not met them in the morning, so we politely asked for the additional fee for the extra guest. No issues. So that same day, our next guest was checking in… I had messaged them the check in instructions and the code and my husband ran out to get some groceries and arrived at the same time as our new guest… again, to much surprise TWO people when the rezzo was only for 1 but not only that our guests “guest” was a hooker who may or may not have been over the age of consent – we have no idea. So we call airbnb, even they are shocked and they offer to call the guest to tell him he needs to leave - since he is going against the # of guests on the reservation - my husband also goes down and tells him because he’s a party of two and there’s only 1 on the reservation he will need to leave as it goes against policy. I’m sure at this point, he knows why we are really kicking him out. Airbnb then cancelled the rezzo and I hope they delete his profile. He wasn’t new, he had 3 4-5 star ratings and after the fact I realized they were all for condos or entire places where the homeowners would not be present.
We then called non emergency to report this and they actually gave us another number to call, some specific crime unit and provided them with all his details, car make/license place/name etc.
The point to this entire post was just for awareness. I never thought about this but now we have been making a conscience effort to meet & greet our guests to not only confirm bodies staying here but to make sure this doesn’t happen again, especially with a fresh little 10 week old in the house!!


I’m curious to learn how you determined that the unregistered guest was a hooker?


Age, race & clothing choices and at first we mentioned to him that his rezzo was for 1 and additional guests were $10, and he came out and let us know she was not staying the night and would be gone in a few hours… so a little common sense and putting puzzle pieces together goes a long way in this case.


Age and clothing are absurd criteria to label someone a hooker.

Race, as a criterion for deciding someone is a hooker, is despicable.


So you are judging the non guest on these criteria?? That probably makes most of my friends’ daughters hookers in your book. How about calling the male of the plot out for starters?

Perhaps you should charge more than $10 per night per 2nd guest, and you might find yourself with couples, rather than single men, and whom you can feel safely secure about with your baby.

Go sort your house rules out please.


The decision to believe something wasn’t right happened quickly and was largely due to the age dramatic difference (he was 50+) and the fact the girl looked like she could have infact been a minor (16-20).

We were worried about her safety which is why we contacted the police right after and provided them with pertinent information. The Police actually indicated they are seeing an increase in convicted John’s using Airbnb’s because the Police watch the known hotels.

I guess you also missed the fact he knowingly brought a guest after declaring he was by himself, which is ultimately why he was asked to leave.


I would agree with you in most cases, but unfortunately for this city we have a VERY specific demographic that is known for prostitution. It’s really unfortunate. I appreciate your comments, but honestly you’ve added nothing of value to this feed except questioned my internal instincts and my own judgement. At the end of the day the 50+ year old guest that was accompanied by what looked like a minor was violating his reservation based on quantity of guests alone and that’s all that was ever mentioned when removing him.


We’ve hosted over 300 guests, this is a first so I think we’re doing something right and I don’t think adding a line about escorts or hookers in the house rules is necessary but I appreciate the suggestion nonetheless Joan :wink:


No reason to jump on the Op. I think she is pretty sure of what she saw. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck.l. Well…it might be a duck.

The guest was lucky that all he got was kicked out of the Airbnb.


You made a good call based on your observations and judgment.

(I inadvertently clicked “Like” on another post, then erased…it was just a spasm…hope no one noticed.) … :grimacing:


I believe you. An adult with any real world experience can ID a street hooker.


Age, race, and clothing choices? Good to know when a young looking white girl with non-‘Christian’ clothing shows up at my house. Oh, wait…


I’ve had the same experience in one of my listings. You don’t need to explain your choice to anyone here, follow your gut - if you feel something is off, it is !


Whatever the situation it is sad if a young vulnerable girl is in these circumstances.


age race and clothing…yikes. I would be careful with that in the future.


I was not suggesting a line in HR about hookers or escorts, merely a suggestion to firm up about not bringing unregistered guests to stay/visit.

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Thanks for sharing this. We have had some of the same concerns on occasion. Why are they really using our place? Sometimes they look at lot like that duck. We added an age limit but not really checking IDs at the door. My kids have a new nickname for our place - Molly’s bed and brothel! Yikes - not what I signed up for.


Just curious. Are hookers a protected class? :rofl::rofl::rofl::dancer:


Kona, I’m sure you posted this with the idea it was funny.

Many hookers are murdered. I wish there was a way to protect them.


Everyone who is so quick to criticize the poster for labeling someone a hooker needs to get educated on the fact that these women and children need protection, and they can only be helped if members of the community at large take some responsibility. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. The average age of entry into prostitution for an American girl is 12-14, according to the U.S. Dept. of Justice. Here’s some light reading for you: