Uk Wales business rates?

Hi Guys.
I started my AirB&B at the end of July and so far, I have had 13 guests and it’s been going really well.
However, I became aware that if I achieved a booking rate of over 70 nights over a 12-month period, I would be eligible for business rates.
This should have a very useful as I would not have to pay the council tax, as it quite expensive.
Has anyone else done this and is business rates much cheaper then paying council tax.

Thanks Andrew

Unless another boyo from the valleys pops in, I’d say contact your local authority to confirm the exact criteria.

Yours in insincerity,

A sweaty sock.


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This boyo from Gwynedd gets 100% business rates relief but you have to pay for a contractor to empty bins/recycling.
Plus watch out for capital gains tax when you sell it.


Seriously, 100%? That’s sounds like a good deal.

Sorry Andrew, didn’t know you were from up there. Please accept my unhumble apologies!


I think it must vary from council to council. I am based in Gwynedd and as long as under 60% of your home (i.e. 60% of the rooms) is not solely for use of guests you don’t have to register or disclose anything to the local authority regarding running a business from the property & rates.

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I agree you really do need to speak to your local council about this @Rowlie

As you can see what happens in one authority doesn’t necessarily happen in another.

I did not think about, the need to manage the bins.
Does anyone know if there is much of a difference, between council tax and business rates.
thanks Andrew

sorry to mention it again but your council really is best placed to advise you on what you would pay and what relief you might be eligible for @Rowlie

they can also direct you to commercial waste services.