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UK free smoke detector


Airbnb are offering 36,000 first come first served.


Oh yes I got one of those :slight_smile:


Too late for me sadly…


well - as soon as I saw this posting I clicked on the link and ordered one. I entered my address - Lancaster, UK - and sent it off. I immediately got a reply from AirBnB, saying that the detector was going to be delivered - to an address in St. Paul, Minnesota!


Available in Spain as well - just sent off for one.


so I updated my address as instructed - and according to the delivery address on the acknowledgement email I now live in Malaga! Now, isn’t that odd - presumably malagachica lives in Malaga? - it wouldn’t happen to be a C**** P******* 6 would it? - this is some really odd glitch!


YES!! How very weird … well, I could do with a spare one!


Then hopefully yours will go to Lancaster. Sorry, but this is too funny for words!


I know - what a shame we’ll have to wait 4 - 6 weeks to know the outcome!


You know, I didn’t even bother applying for one as I don’t need it :roll_eyes:.

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