U.S.A. - Fed cuts rates another 0.5%

We are in the middle of a refi. Thank god we chose the “freedom lock” option in anticipation of another drop … we get to re-lock at the new rate.

Just a heads up for those of you with mortgages… may want to call your lender!


P.S. I love the coronavirus now.


I am not sure hosts in China who face losing their livelihoods would agree with you @LoneStar

I currently have a 15yrs @ 2.5% refi that I got in 2013 to purchase the house that is now my Airbnb listing. I paid it down at double speed and my last payment will be July 1. I am looking forward to not having a mortgage.


We were doing it to save a full percent. We will now save 1.5% and be paying the same rate on the 2nd home as on our primary mortgage, without adding any years on. We won’t be paying it off until he retires and we sell this one we live in (which is about 70% paid off), but this will be saving us a good chunk each month in the interim.