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Type of guest to avoid?


Hi @Antonia_Clare_Grant

I was referring to your earlier post in which you stated -'i stipulate travelling student of academic only - refuse anyone else’

But now you are are staying 'I do say ideal for visiting students academics or workers coming to the capital '. Which isn’t the same thing at all.

Stipulating only travelling students would be seen as discriminatory by Airbnb. Not sure what that has to do with guests screaming at the top of their voices?


I don’t see how stipulating that only visiting students or academics would violate Airbnb’s anti-discrimination policy. In fact, it looks to me like that kind of stipulation is supported by Airbnb.

“Nothing in this policy prevents a host from turning down a guest on the basis of a characteristic that is not protected under the civil rights laws or closely associated with a protected class. For example, an Airbnb host may turn down a guest who wants to smoke in a unit, or place limits on the number of guests in a unit.”



In the policy you have linked to it says;

Age and Familial Status

Airbnb hosts may not:
Impose any different terms or conditions or _decline a reservation based on the guest’s age or familial status, where prohibited by law.

I don’t know where @Antonia_Clare_Grant lives would imagine accepting only students would be going against the spirit of their non discrimination policy.


Students come in all ages and familial statuses. Also, @Antonia_Clare_Grant said that she limits her guests to “traveling students of academic only”. I assume that she meant to write traveling students or academics only.

The portion of Airbnb’s anti-discrimination policy that heads this post states that hosts may turn down guests for characteristics that are “Not protected under the civil rights laws or closely associated with a protected class.” Your profession or status as a student is not a protected class.


What discrimination? Behavior is discrimination now too?


That’s awesome! In my home and in my experience every single asian renter has left water. It’s my observation and my reality. I’ll also say my younger renters don’t follow the rules and my older renters leave a mess. It’s just what I experience. And despite the things I find odd I rent to everyone regardless and have met some incredible people!


We have several rooms we rent out in the home that we live in. We have had adult guests of many ages, religions, ethnicites, cultures and countries. Virtually all have been great! I can count the number of difficult guests I wouldn’t have back again on one hand. They have all been women around the age of 60. That is not to say that all the women guests around that age have been difficult. To the contrary, most have been terrific. In fact, some of our favorites have been women of that age. Some are regulars who are very appreciative and enjoy having a man cook and take care of them. But the most difficult guests that we’ve had, have been ones from that demographic. They have treated me like a servant, the hired help, not someone who is opening their home to them. They are super picky and complain about everything. The more you try to please them, the more difficult they become. You bend over backwards for them and it’s never good enough. These are people who belong in a hotel but don’t want to pay hotel rates. I wish I knew a way of identifying them ahead of time. One recently got rave reviews from other hosts! How can that be? I’m sure she didn’t just change overnight for me. I think many hosts are reluctant to leave honest reviews when they are not good.


Yes that’s paradox of some people wanting to pay so little and then demand hotel services. Even regardless of price seems like Air guests don’t realize that this is just a home that regular people rent out and that’s all it is. Honestly this breakfast thing in my opinion is ridiculous. You are staying in someone’s home, bring your own food and eat it unless your hosts are kind enough to share with you.

Lately I get very fussy young guests. I always thought that young are the ones who are easy going but last months I had few Europeans from Northern countries and they all were downgrading me on cleanliness and value. Leaving mess at the same time and not taking their shoes off.For value it was just not fair as nothing there was cheaper than my room. And my rooms are nice.

Yes that’s true not everyone want to leave bad reviews. I was like that too but not anymore. I give bad reviews right and left when they deserve it :grinning:


My pet peeve! Hosts come here and complain about guests and then say they are not going to leave a review. :rage: How then are we to cull the guests who don’t belong on airbnb from the system? I like to imagine there is a karmic payback: for every guest you skip the review, you get another just as bad. This continues until you start leaving appropriate reviews. LOL.


It is hard to leave a bad review! You don’t want to total trash someone yet you want to warn future hosts. When I have had someone like that, I’ve said something like “We did our best to please her but I don’t think she was a good fit for us.”


K is right. Try to keep the emotion out of it. Over the summer I hosted a,couple who,were downright clueless. Clueless was their biggest sin. I just had to say something.

In their public review I said something along the lines of,

There were some issues with their stay which may have to do with being inexperienced users, but after I discussed it with them, I’m sure they will be good guests in the future once they pick up on the do’s and dont’s.

And in the private feed I told them the truth about everything. The worst things being how careless they were with the bbq, wasting electricity and yakking in their cell phones or devices on speaker outside at 6am.

It was such a stressful stay that I ended up reaching out to a few people here, one of whom wrote the above for me. You know who you are!!! :rofl::heart_eyes:


I agree with the original question, “Based on my limited experience so far, I find older guests (50+) tend to have sky high expectations and require a lot of baby sitting on everything (direction, parking, check in etc). Although everyone had an enjoyable experience, it seems they tend to leave lower star rating (4 instead of 5). My theory is they are used to hotels and aren’t as self reliant (ie, using google to find answers).” I have had several older couples stay in my tiny house with a sleeping loft that is only accessible by ladder. I had one guest leave early because getting up and down the ladder was hurting their knees – my photos and description clearly state that you have to use a ladder. Another older couple from Germany wanted to borrow my vacuum cleaner and proceeded to vacuum the whole place again even though I had just finished cleaning. Whoa! Both of those couples gave me a less than stellar review.
On the flip side, the younger 20-somethings, seem to never be able to find the towels in the bathroom vanity drawer or the toilet paper that is in the glass cabinet. I feel like I might need to label every drawer and cabinet from now on. :slight_smile:


It’s so true. As business people we notice patterns in customer behavior, and it helps us anticipate and be better hosts. So, ignore the mind games about political correctness and talk openly about your experiences.

That said? Yes. 99 percent of the time Asian guest = flooded bathrooms, so when they book it’s time to get the extra towels ready!


Actually they can! Even tells you the current Iphone stock at Apple stores -


It’s true there are some really awesome airbnb’ers who are older people–I have had a few–but in my nearly 3 years of hosting I have found that young people are so much more desirable than the old folks and way less trouble. They give better reviews and rarely require “maintenance” as opposed to older people.

Older people seem to arrive with the idea that “you better live up to my expectations, and if you don’t you will hear about it”.

Younger people are more flexible. They appreciate what you are doing, they know it’s a smokin’ good deal compared to a hotel, they are extremely happy upon arrival and then you hardly ever see them or hear from them after that because they’re gone enjoying the city and dining out.

The old folks want to sit around night and day, eat most meals here, create more noise, gripe if you don’t have cable, ask for your Roku password, ask for ketchup and mustard and oil and are annoyed if you don’t provide it, imply that the French coffee beans are too strong; I have heard it all. They get annoyed if the bedroom curtains aren’t thick enough and they wake up earlier than usual. They want to see inside the locked cleaning cabinet. I sometimes wonder if it’s all worth it.

But then the young ones come along – and I am happy again. Even when I have 5 or 6 young people they have, so far anyway, proven to be super clean, respectful of the place, courteous and kind.


Can you define old for us? Perhaps over “insert decade” here?


I have a Dr staying long term and he is disgusting, rotting food in his fridge, used toilet paper on the floor, does not clean up food spillages and does nothing but complain as he feels the hospital has put him into substandard accommodation.
He is a DOCTOR and people should bend over backwards to please him!

This is his first stint out as a Locum. He has demanded that I refund the hospitals payment to him so he can rent somewhere else. Hospital has inspected my rental and he was told to suck it up princess, if you move out it will be at your cost, as we have had multiple other specialists stay and they were delighted with what was offered. This was the funniest though - he rang me to say the Dr on the other side of the duplex was having similar issues and he didn’t like staying there…he called it “charming”. I had to explain that charming had nothing to do with harming and that it was a complimentary word!
Almost every day he rings me to complain about something. I can’t wait for June 16!


If you don’t mind sharing…what kind of area are you in, where younger people are out and about all day…but the “older” want to hang around your house all day?

Are the older people there for a different purpose than let’s say - younger guests who want to sight see?


I don’t want to AVOID them so I am sorry for any confusion, as this thread is about “guests to avoid”.

It is just that I have often thought how much easier younger people are than those over 50. I’m in the Pacific Northwest. The older people usually prefer staying at home, eating at home and cooking here. My airbnb space has a nice kitchen and it’s fine that they want to use it.

But when younger folks come it seems easier. They seem happier, don’t ask for extras, and are likely to tell me how much they appreciate the extras I provide - new toothbrushes, shampoo, cotton swabs, makeup remover, sewing kit, a comfy bed etc. I almost always get a 5 star review from them. The older folks are more likely to give me a 4 star. Incidentally, I myself am 70.


Over 50. Please see below. Pardon me please if I am posting in the wrong place or anything (I am new to the forum).

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