Type of guest to avoid?

Based on my limited experience so far, I find older guests (50+) tend to have sky high expectations and require a lot of baby sitting on everything (direction, parking, check in etc). Although everyone had an enjoyable experience, it seems they tend to leave lower star rating (4 instead of 5). My theory is they are used to hotels and aren’t as self reliant (ie, using google to find answers).

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issue. I have another 50+ year old guests coming in and I am legit scared…


Being a host over 50 I totally agree with you. Folks from my generation tend to look at the sharing economy more of from a perspective of " i’m doing you this favor, and I’m also doing you a favor pointing out how you can up your game to my standards" without realizing that being a good guest is at least 50% of the equation. Less trusting, quick to find fault, I need a lot of handholding are the marks of this generation. How how many times have I taking phone calls with people who basically say “I just want to feel comfortable with this” and then proceed to tell me everything they don’t like in life LOL
. I’m not your ex-husband, I’m not the cousin who stole money from you in the 70s, and I’m certainly not the bellman at a four-star hotel. Get over it LOL


lol :stuck_out_tongue:
you know it is true.

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I agree. Older people usually are more demanding than young. That’s why I love spring breakers though they come home In a morning, and not as clean.
ALL OF THEM gave me glowing reviews without exclusions. Younger people never cook, they would rather eat out. They never ask for fresh towels every day, actually they never ask for anything. They are proficient with Internet and have no problems getting around and find places.
And the best part they are NEVER home. They are out and about almost 24 hours a day.,
I am looking forward to a new spring break season


Oh you are all very funny! You should really know better than to assume we oldies are pennikerty old fuss-pots who can’t send an email or perform a Google search!

My husband and I were very early adopters of Airbnb ( >4 years ago) and have introduced several younger friends, and our own grown up children, to travelling this way, as well as hosting for ourselves. Our very nicest guests have been 21, 30something, 69, 71 and several folks in their 40s-50s. Our worst guests were a group of friends who were 20-22.

What I find is that the best guests are those who have properly understood what it is you offer, and what not to expect from your property. If that’s clear from the outset, mainly things go smoothly, whatever age. :slight_smile:


I’m with you 100% caiti! I just turned 50 and I gave glowing reviews to my airbnb sin Paris and England last month. Even though one was not ideal. I need zero handholding! Much less than a lot of people 20 years my juniors. You hit the nail on the head with the expectations comment. It’s essential to make your profile as clear, honest, and concise as possible. This is how you avoid misunderstandings. For instance my profile states clearly “if you have ANY problem with dogs in a home, please look elsewhere for accommodation.” Will this cost me bookings? Probably. But I’d rather have fewer bookings with better interactions and reviews.


On a more positive note, what type of guests does everyone prefer? For me, it is tourists in the 25-35 range. Self reliant, low expectation, used to hostels and see airbnb as an upgrade, busy with experiencing the city for most of the time, never cook, low maintenance overall.


Oh well, we being outside your age-range would probably disappoint - we have moved up from hostels too, and after a long day walking, or visiting galleries and museums, checking out the local cafe-culture, searching out the music sessions would need to stay somewhere without an age barrier. Do you advertise for this age group on your listing :wink: ? Just curious, because, as we’ve said, it’s all about expectation, and if we didn’t meet your expectation, perhaps we’d get a less than stellar rating from you, no matter how little hand-holding we needed?! Our age is the one thing about ourselves that we can’t control, I’m afraid.

Should you ever come to stay with us, you need to be fit enough to manage the hills and the stairs (no lift) - but so long as you think you can manage that, and can find your way around the DAB radio/iPod dock you should be ok :yum:


I actually enjoy hosting older folks! I would stay away from locals (red flag) and people who want to rent just a few nights.


Bob, i love what you said. True. Also to ad: spoiled well of Millennials that want Hilton stay at Motel 6 rate.

I am working on qualifying the guest a little bit more before accepting their request. I think that this is going to be the most important aspect of happy Host and happy Guest.
I have a lot to learn but i will get there.
I had some really sweet guest and those that were not so. However i found that those “ugly” ones were liked by other Host, so conclusion “right place for the right person”. Happy Hosting!


Euphoria, my type of a guest as well, but among this age group you may find one or two that are “high maintenance guest”.

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I guess the best guest is one who books in advance for multiple days as a solo guest and NEVER SHOWS UP! But that doesn’t happen very often. Picturing guests over 50 as more trouble than they are worth is nothing more than AGEISM. Might as well state in your listing: No Blacks, No Jews, No Arabs, No Gays and no one over 50! Then you will ge the type of guest that you are comfortable with, but you will get a lot of something else! How damn hard is it to answer a question, with the knowledge already in your head from living where you live.? I am not talking about doing hours of research in a dusty library, but simply imparting your experiences to make a guest have a better time. After all, you do get PAID to look after guest no mater what their age.


I’m not too sure I would categorize what I do is being paid to look after a guest… I think I’m being paid to accommodate a guest, to provide them with the space that they saw when they were advertised to, but I’m not Google, and I’m not A live version of my house rules which are readable online. Being well over 50 myself the biggest problem that I have is being courteous when somebody does not do the due diligence it’s expected of them. After all if they booked in a hotel and the hotel advertised cool but when they showed up it was not there I can imagine the guest having a problem. But they’re staying in the guest room in my house, and I’m quite clear for instance what areas they have access to. The condescension and disrespect I get from folks were my age because No matter what I’ve told them or what they read is not what they choose to envision in their air B&B experience is simply coming from their upbringing, life experiences, etc. it’s like that humorous bumper sticker saying at my age I don’t give a damn what you think. younger folks are more tolerant of their environment, more respectful of the people they interact with, and do not see every business transaction as a possible confrontation or bargaining situation. Speaking of somebody much older than 50, I don’t see it as ageism but more as realism


Beach Guy,

Are you always this rood or is that part of your nature?

Why do you have such a need to offend other Host on this Forum, and do not worry about me staying at your place!

Where does all this anger come from?

May Love and Compassion be with you!

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I don’t get that at all and I get all ages. I guess maybe it’s because I treat everyone who enters my house like a friend or family member. My airbnb is no more a business to me than a social opportunity. Maybe that will change as the years pass but I hope not. Thus far my older guests have been as pleasant as my younger ones.


Stephanie, i also have older guest that have been great, but it does appear that younger people are more appreciative of the Host, not all but many.
The more luxurious your place is the better for that Group, that is all. I myself am retired, and yes i would not be comfortable in a Hostel or lets say many. I do not want to share my bathroom with two or three others, and no my bed has to be firm and so on and so on. When i was young i enjoyed back packing, not so now.

Stephanie my point is we as individual Host should support one an other and not attack each other with destructive criticism. Many Host including myself do not want to join in to the discussion for that reason. This is my last posting. There are more pleasant things to do and ultimately we all will find our own answers anyway.

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Beach Guy,

Beach Guy, Beach Guy…wow

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We just had our first over 50 aged guests, a Canadian couple. They were great guests and seemed to enjoy their stay, left a kindly worded review, but then totally dinged us on stars! Before them we had only one 4 star, the rest all 5s. They gave us two 3 stars and a four star! I really can’t understand it…trying not to let it bum me out… :confused:


lol that’s EXACTLY what I’m talking about!!! SAME THING happened to me. They have unrealistic expectations that don’t jive with airbnb.

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This post cracks me up. Over 50? What about the 70 something Hungarian guy that spoke no English but still tried to teach my son some chess strategy and me how to cook eggs? Or the gorgeous woman 60+ from Belarus who was so warm and friendly and totally classed up the joint. Or the older mom from China who didn’t look at me the first day but then at the end was speaking to me in Chinese (which I don’t speak)

And the young girl from Korea who I had to literally take to the metro station and show her how to add money to her smartrip card… and the young people from Germany who didn’t even know if their departure airport was close by, not to mention even having a clue how they would get there -

But I’ve had some amazing young people, too. Ya just never know, in this rookie-host’s opinion.

I am a bit anxious about the guests arriving tomorrow - 5 people - grandparents & parents from China, and the daughter who’s been studying here. I can fit 5 but it’s a bit tight - and they are staying for several days… I just hope we get lucky and they offer to cook for us once…

Haaapy Hosting everyone!