Two listings for different occupancies?

I’ve asked about this before (more than one listing for the same property), but I’m hoping someone else already has done this and can point me to their listings as an example.

We have a three-bedroom home in one of the top honeymoon destinations. We’re able to get a reasonable number of bookings from larger groups, but need to target just couples for a few months by lowering price.
I’ve tried extra-person fees, but they frustrating to guests and to me. So I want to create a second listing that has availability only during the appropriate times, but has a max occupancy of two (but still for the entire property), then link the two listings to hopefully preserve reviews and SH status. Anyone with an example of this kind of arrangement?

Regardless of whether you link listings, preserving your reviews and Superhost have nothing to do with that. They are attached to your profile, not your listings.

But the reviews actually appearing on the new listing will only be for that listing. The original listing’s reviews won’t be shown on the new listing, but it will say that you have xx number of reviews for another listing.


I would be interested too.
I’m building a 2nd listing for my two BR

  1. June 1-Aug 15. Min 5 day rental with Friday checkouts & post stay cleaning max 4 guests
  2. Aug 16-June 1. Guest cleans. Max 3 day stay. Check in/out any day. Max 2 guests.

I’m going to sync the calendars. I’ve got this in my head but I’ve not seen it in practice.

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I would recommend you don’t show the extra bedrooms in your 2-person listing since guests will see the photos, think there’s plenty of room for more people, and try to bring extra guests. You can decide whether or not you want to lock the extra bedrooms so that guests can’t access them, but remember that anything guests can access may need to be cleaned (i.e. even if you only have a couple, they may decide to sleep in different rooms) and the extra cleaning might negate the lower price they paid.


Thanks for the advice! Most of the guests we’ll get are honeymooners and they’ll probably not bring anyone else :wink:

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I have done this for my place, and I always lock the extra room(s) otherwise they WILL use them. Dunno how 2 people sleep in 3 beds in 3 days, but they did, so now unrented rooms are locked.

You just link the listings. I started with the largest and after the holiday will finally do a new listing for a single room, since the 2 and 3 br versions are already up.

@PitonView my PM to you has the links.

Thank you! I suspect the two people using all three beds were re-enacting the Three Bears (or making whoopie all over the house!)

And I found where to find the rest of your reviews - it’s great that you can get to those from both listings.

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I did that. I have offered my 4 br as a 3 br off season at a lower rate and set a very stringent max # of guests. Just cross reference the calendar

Wow - just wow! I’ve duplicated my listing and I’m editing it for the “smaller” version. I haven’t changed anything except the initial writeup, and just got to the pricing page. AirBnB tells me that “Places like yours usually range from $97 to $162.”

Three bedrooms, 4,000 square feet, pool, service staff and they suggest around $100 a night :astonished: :rage:

Our normal rates start at $400 for two people in the lowest of the low season and peak at over $1000 a night for six people.

And when I typed in my target base price for two, they scolded me “Keep in mind, places like yours usually range from $97 to $162”. Can you hear me swearing at them?

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i’m considering looking into this too, because i have 2 properties that are 3bedders, and i currently rent as base rate for 2 people, and then add on up to 6 guests. About 50% of the time i get people wanting to take the 2nd or 3rd room anyway (so 2 guests but want 2 rooms for a variety of reasons) or 3 guests and need 3 rooms (which in our case is actually 4 beds). I wish airbnb would let us rent the room by the bed instead, but then i suppose guests would find more excuses. i’ve had 3 people this month offer to bring floor mattresses to allow them to have extra guests.

:rofl: nope, cos my swearing is drowning yours out (all the way from Australia)
100acre farm, with oversized indoor swimming pool, tennis court, 100yr sandstone buildings, recent modern renovation, and yes… “other places are just like yours, for $97 a night”. lol.

I do exactly this - I have a three bedroom two bathroom home. I have a listing for just the first floor (1 bed/1 bath) and a separate listing for the whole house (3 bed/2 bath). The calendars are linked. When one gets booked the other is blocked.

Having multiple listings doesn’t effect your superhost status or reviews. It’s treated like two separate listings so you have reviews for one listing and separate reviews for the other listing. Also, since it’s separate listings, you can have different pictures. As someone else mentioned, don’t put pictures of the extra bedrooms in the smaller listing.

This works very well for me.