Two changes to the listing page: reviews out of order, and number of times favorited

Hi all! I noticed two changes to the listing page today: reviews are now out of order, which sucks if you get a bad review up top. However, there is something new I do like: the “heart” icon now shows how many people have favorited a listing. I have only been hosting since December and have been favorited 58 times!

I wonder what criteria they are now applying to order the reviews. I kind of liked it being chronological - as I am sure guests do as properties can deteriorate or improve over time.

The heart thing for saves used to exist a few years back - I like that it has been reinstated.

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I noticed my reviews jumbled up yday, but now its back in order. Maybe it was a tech glitch? I would prefer in order, so I hope it stays like that.
Where is the heart icon show? :slightly_smiling:

I noticed that too with the reviews but I don’t see the heart icon on the desktop.

is your reviews back to normal?

My January 2016 reviews were down below 2015 also!

Nothing has changed on the phone app

My reviews are also back to normal!

Here is a screenshot of heart with the number of people who have saved my listing.

oh fab I see now. 209 people seemly have saved mine :slight_smile:

It must have not rolled out in my area yet since I know a few guest saved my place to wish lists.

Carmen, am I right in thinking that you’re in South Florida too? If so, I have the count on my listing so it might be a glitch on yours.

Yea, my last 3 (very good) reviews are no where to be found; whats up with that?
I sent an email to airbnb.

FYI-response from airbnb

“From my end, everything is looking good. I can see your most recent reviews from David, Rachel, Lau, Domenico, and so on. When you’re viewing our site, are you viewing it on Google Chrome? It’s most compatible with our site, our site was also built using Google Chrome. I’ve noticed that sometimes that is what can cause some of these issues.”

The randomize order of reviews is certanly an awful feature. Listings as well as our service suffers changes over time and guests must see the current state of our listings expressed on the reviews from the last guests we have hosted. I have read from someone that has stopped offering breakfast on his lisitng and now the review that blows his great breakfast is shining at the very top. That might lead to wrong expectations from his guests. Thumbs down to this feature!

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I asked Airbnb about yday and there response was that sometimes they put the most helpful reviews to the top! So there goes waiting till the last minute to write a review for bad experience, as now we cant expect the review to buried at the bottom!

How do they define a helpful review?

Really don’t like the random review order.

Exactly, unless that particular guy was bullshitting. Can someone else drop them a line and ask about it to, to see what answer you get?

I also got a few friends to check on their computers, most our in order, as in the most recent review. Same on my phone. However on my laptop theyre all over the place. I use Chrome.

I was seeing reviews out of order but now I’m seeing them in the proper order though this is probably I have recently clear my sesion cookies. I totally agree with everyone here that reviews shown in a random order aren´t helpful and will make more harm than good. The last review you got will always show users the current state of your place. If someone complained about a faulty air conditioning 3 months ago that you later fixed it and then that review is at the top, new users won´t be sure if that aircon is working or not. There are plenty of examples of why this is harmful for us. I’m always afraid when the start introducing changes to the site. Most of them are bad for us.


I noticed that you can mark a review as “helpful” while browsing. They must use an algorithm that puts those with the most helpful votes at the top.

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