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Two bad guests from australia

There were 2 women. They are white from australia. The campingsfriends booked my room. They caught a rain and were wet. They were very dirty(full of mud and made the room and bed wet. As they left the room, i checked the bedding…one bed had a few blood, chili oil, chocolate bags, earth and mug everywhere. The other bed has some chili oil too. And they use white towel to clean their shoes. One of the woman is very mean, she got angry shouted very rude: You can just wash them! What’s more terriable is, as I opened the toilet, i saw her shit floating there. What the worst thing is, that i found booger on a new pillow. I gave them one star. They gave me 3 star. The girl wrote that she felt insulted that i searched over the room(wc, bedding…). But I think I need to check everything because if i found that they distroy my furniture, the stin, made the bedding dirty I could take pictures and ask for money. I do this by every guest. Since i got a 3 star, i get automatic email from air bnb saying that i need to improve my service and my listed was deactived and must reactive…what should i do in such case, should i ignor the 3 stars or should i contact airbnb and send some photos as proof and let them get rid of the 3 stars…

Hi Che…Sorry Kiki…

You must have a secret way to attract these problem guests. :joy:

I do not think you will be able to get rid of the 3 star. AirBnB will say “It is the guests opinion”.

And listing with “Oktoberfest” is attracting trouble!!!


Those stains don’t look like such a big deal. Just bleach them. If the photo is your only evidence, I don’t think Air will do anything.

I don’t know how to upload more pictures. I have many photos. I am not going to ask her for money. Just because airbnb send me continues emails saying that i should improve improve…it is really annoying.

chilly oil and curry too? I use a spay without bleaching water to clear up the blood and the earth, but chili oil and curry are still there…do you think bleaching water can help? Anyway, if it is not neccessary, you should not use bleaching water, because it hurt your lump. If you really have many guests and need every day do the washing, you shoud use bio products!

Why you know that??Sometimes it works. It depends on who… many customerservice people are nice, some are not. That guy in Germany is not good. He said just know. The ones in the us delete the negative coments for both side but you have to go to resolution center and ask money and send a email to the resolution center. It is very trouble. I really don’t want to do that. But if airbnb keeps sending me warning email maybe i should do this!

What does their skin color have to do with this?


I’m not sure what sending the pictures to Air will accomplish. Maybe it will make it clear why you gave the guests 1 star, but they don’t do anything to explain why the guests gave you 3 stars.

It is possible for both the host and the guest to be bad. It’s not like if one is bad, the other has to be good. Did they complain about other things in the review, or only that you checked everything before they left?

yes, they wrote in the review that i charge extra money for washmashine and dryer. I wrote in my listing clearly that using the washmashine is extra. And she asked me though airbnb message system too, and i answered there two 2 times to make sure no misunderstanding. She just lied and said that i lied. I have screenshot as proof. They has 30 L wet and extremly dirty clothes full of earth and they stuck them in my washingmashine until no one piece more can be in. Other hosts would have scold them but I didn’t. Some socks felt on the floor they didn’t see. I washed them with my hands coz i think they wanted to save money and don’t want to pay so many loads so i tried to help them to save money. Their socks are so dirty, one sock i need to use 30 L water to clean it. I am stupid, i hate myself that i am so nice a person. I didn’t tell them that i washed the clothes for them. And she is really a fxxking bxxx.

Such people don’t respect herself and others. She shew me that she had many condons. Very disgusting. I have never seen so many condons in my life. Two new big xxlbox. That is why i turn crazy and jelling that she is very dirty. God knows if she has some sex diesease and spread in my home.

The last paragraph is where you went wrong. It’s not your job to judge the lifestyle of your guests and, even worse, yell at them.

No one gets “sex diseases” from having people with large boxes of condoms in their homes.


Well they found the extra charge of €48 a bit high, that would mean 4 loads. I do not know what size a 6L machine is, I only know KG sizes. And 24KG of dry laundry is a lot … that would be 4 full Ikea shopping bags

The other thing they mention is that they found your inspection very intrusive. That is an opinion, and you are not denying you inspected the room. They can give you a low star rating for that experience.

Looking at your ratings the accuracy is the big problem, and the value after that. And looking at the reviews these two are connected. Your ratings for communication, cleanliness and check in are all 5 stars

But… what did you expect when you aim your marketing at Oktoberfest guests.

I didn’t jell at them face to face. just in review.

If you don’t have sex with her; you don’t have to worry about contracting a sexually transmitted disease.


Maybe avoid hosting backpackers. They will generally have a lot of dirty laundry and be more price conscious.

It is my first time to run obtoberfest. Due to the terrior attact no asian guests for obtoberfest. The day before last year cost one room in ibis hotel 250 one night. But now 4 star hotels 110 euro and many rooms are empty. I have no choice. I have to lower my price until they are lower than hostel to attract people…then come campingfriends . I am not going to be superhost because i have really calculate about it.During a periode like 2 months to be superhost i have to accept many shortterm bookings and get 5 stars. I think longterm booking is much better because i don’t need to clean so much. The cleaning product is not good for health like antibaterial. And I did a small research about the competitors in the city. The most of them have 3,4 stars or no reviews. So i am not worry about if i m not superhost or not. And i read how other people reclaim about other hosts…always the same problem: They don’t want to pay a lot and reclaim that the room is too small, too dirty, the kitchen is not new…they can always grumbling. I saw how the other hosts react. The most of them scold them back like " You didn’t pay enough, you have unrealistic expectation…" I think there are really so many such guests in the tourism high season. But your booking will not be stopped because of 3 stars if your price is ok. A chinese guy run airbnb in my city. 10 people share one wc, many people complain and the facilities are very poor but he gets 4 stars too because the price is very low. He earns really a lot. He has 4 rooms, each room put 8 beds(double stage beds) 2 wc.

You said that you did.

And you’ve got the condom thing the wrong way round. They prevent sexually transmitted disease.


If she touchs some place and you touch too and don’t clean your hands, it may affect you… I use antibaterial and bio alcool to clean the wc clearly. I think i have to buy a steamcleaner to clean the woodfloor. I haven’t found any anti bakteria for woodfloor. If i use antibakteria often i will be hurt too. I think host stream can help and bio alcool for the wc.

but what if she does blowjob and handjob and the guy has sex diesease! And she didn’t clean her hands.

Don’t they teach science anymore?


I rest my case…

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