Twin beds complaint

I received this request to book my private twin bed room written like this “My wife and I are interested in booking your place for the month of February but do NOT like the idea of twin beds.” Guess they thought I was like a hotel​:rofl::rofl:
I responded that twins were all I had and they could not be pushed together. Never hears from them again.


You should’ve responded that they could bring a queen or king bed with them, but the price would be higher for the more-luxurious accommodation.


Too funny, will keep that in mind if it happens again. Thanks👍

Yep, the coming model, entitled hotel style guests, that don’t want to pay hotel prices!


“We would be happy to accommodate you! The price of a new king bed, bedding, and mattress will be $3000. Labor to remove the twin beds, set up the king bed, remove the king bed, and return the twin beds will run $500. Storage costs for the twin beds during your stay will run $150. Disposal costs for the king bed, mattress, and bedding will be $200. Costs for remodeling the house to allow room for the new king bed will run $25,000. So your total will be $28,850. I will send you a Special Offer for these costs now. Thanks and I am looking forward to your stay!”


I’ve had the opposite - people who book, when I clearly have two double beds, and then they ask if I can please set them up as twin beds before their arrival!

Indeed, I´d have to buy new single beds, mattresses, sheets, duvets, etc and pay for removal of the existing double bed - moving it back in again on the day they move out.

What is wrong with these people? :rofl:


What’s wrong with you? Just saw the beds in half … this is a business you’re running, you know!


My reply would be, “That’s a shame, since that’s the only bed configuration that I offer.”

I don’t see anything wrong with the guest enquiry. It is for a one month booking and all they are doing is giving the host the opportunity to come up with a solution that suits this potential revenue if they can.

We just updated our beds and looked seriously at the king zips. I sought guidance here on the forum and based on that we went for the queen doubles as it seems that there isn’t a big call generally for splitting doubles into singles. But it is a thing - and the other way around.

hahahahahahaha excellent!!

I have king singles in my guest room. I have had a number of guests ask if they can be pushed together. I respond that they can be, but I only have single bedding. Some are happy with that, some don’t book, and one couple said they would bring their own bedding (I had no problem with that)

Oh, this has happened to me. I’m in a popular upstate NY tourist location. Had a request from a group of college students from NJ who wanted to stay over a 4th July holiday.
There were 6 of them, so they wanted to know if I could add 2 more bedrooms and at least 2 more beds.
I immediately wrote back and said I would get in touch with my contractor.
I emailed a few hours later to let them know that my contractor disappointed me and could not guarantee an addition to my home in 2 weeks.


Similar but different. I had a reservation request asking that I replace my queen bed with a king because “it looks like there is enough room for it’”

I guess the cost of purchasing a bed, linens &mattress wasn’t a concern.

Where are we supposed to store these beds we just move in and out on demand?

Hello 1 bed hotel!
Just had someone want to bring 19 guests for a house that sleeps 12…no more mattresses, no room for more mattresses and 2.5 bathrooms.
“we are happy to pay a little extra”
Ahhhhh NOPE!


I liked the straightforward reply that it wasn’t possible. The only issue I had with the request was using “NOT” instead of “not”. But then some people don’t understand that online, writing in capital letters can be perceived as shouting or being aggressive towards the recipient.

This guest is from the “it never hurts to ask” school. That’s what inquiries are for. However, you might have dodged a fussy guest.

Once I had guests they told me upon the check out, that the service was just awful - I never came for room service.
Another one complained that there wasn’t place for his wife to put cosmetics. They’ve booked the cheapest room in the city - a private bedroom in an apartment with shared bathroom on 4 bedrooms with other guests.
Sometimes you just can’t believe what guests say.

Here’s a thought which could mean that in future you could attract the guests who want to sleep together. Could you shove the twin beds together, then put a King size topper and/or sponge pad across the top, then make it up with KS linen.
If you invested a few hundred in a ‘kit’ to turn your Twin into a King, then the extra money would more than repay your investment, I’m sure.

I have exactly zero interest in moving my twin beds around or making them into a king bed, thanks. I have one king, one queen, and two twins and that setup has been working great.

Not sure why you are recommending this to me. Did you mean to reply to someone else?

Thanks for all the responses. I won’t be moving the beds (I’m over 70 ) or Buying anything new (prices here are low - 45.00 a night) and I have no room to store any additional mattresses. I do think i might have dodged a demanding guest.