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Hi all,

Currently I’m renting out my guest bedroom as private room on ABB and I’m doing quite well. Next month I’m going overseas so considering renting out the entire place for that period. It’s exactly the same place as I’m going to lock up my personal belongings in master bedroom so it’s still a one bedroom listing (but I guess I can charge a little bit more for entire place).

The problem is that I can only make a brand new listing which means I loose all my rating and reviews so far and have to start from very beginning. Quite a struggle for me to stand out in the over saturated market.

So I’m considering if I can transfer some of my current reservations to that listing to get reviews. Of course I’ll explain to my guests and maybe offer them a discount. I can see “change the reservation” option there and it looks feasible. But still wish to confirm before I go ahead.

Anyone has tried this way to boost new listing before?
Will I get penalized by ABB?

Any advices very much appreciated.

You are not going to lose any of your reviews. You are just adding a new listing. Been there done that. At some point I wanted to lose all reviews and start fresh because early on I got a nasty and undeserved hate review. SO I deleted the listing and added a new one. Guess what? The reviews stayed. Don’t fret about it, you are not going to lose anything.


As Adrienne says oh, you will not lose any of your reviews. The reviews stay with the host not the listing itself

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You’ve already been given good advice around just setting up a new listing.

Can I add you also need to:-

  1. Make sure the new listing is only open for the period you are away

  2. Make sure you employ a co-host to manage the property while you are away and be on hand in case of any problems, to manage the cleaner etc

  3. Also look at installing CCTV so you can monitor guest behaviour/ensure extra guests aren’t sneaking into the property

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Thanks adrienne,
I need the initial 3 reviews so that the stars could be seen from the search result. I reckon people won’t bother to click through my avatar to see reviews for another listing in such an over-saturated market. The new entire place listing without any rating/booking dropped to the very bottom and I’m just trying to figure this out.
I’ve managed to change one upcoming guest’s reservation to the new listing, will update if his review would also get moved.

Helsi Thank you for detailed suggestions.
Yes I have CCTV installed at the main entrance which I can check remotely. And I have arranged a neighbor to take care of my room while I’m away. She’s just living next door and will greet people on their arrival so I assume those guests won’t be too presumptuous.

I wouldn’t advise asking guests to transfer to the new listing, they will think something is wrong. And you don’t need to because ;-

a) new listings get a boost in the ranking
b) guests booking the new listing can see the existing listing and reviews

I know this to be the case as I set up a new listing in November as this is what happened.

Do take @adrienne12 advice and while you are away offer it as a whole listing. I am sure your neighbour doesn’t want to have to check the property every day to ensure guests are keeping communal areas clean or deal with disputes between guests.

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Eventually you’ll get a guest who wants to extend. At that time, you can send them a special offer for your second listing. I’ve had guests happily do the rounds in all of my listings that way until they find their favorite one.

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