Top issues as an Airbnb host?

As an Airbnb host, what are the most common issues you have to deal with? We’ve hosted a few years, and I would say from our experience these are the top 5:

  1. Guests not reading information
  2. Dealing with Airbnb support (they’re often causing more problems than actual support)
  3. Dishonest reviews
  4. Guests not following rules
  5. Airbnb superhost program
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Mine are your 1 through 4 also. In my case 5 doesn’t apply due to the issues with 1-4. My 5 would be people that don’t think the rules apply to them, even when they have read them and the consequences spelled out.


Interesting list, @O_Apartments.

I agree, except for item 5. Being a Superhost has been only positive for us. How has the program been problematic for you?

I especially agree with item 1. I think that one should be in capital letters!


Number 1 is common but usually not even an issue.
I’ve learned to leave Airbnb out of it when possible.
I’ve never had a “dishonest” review.
Guests not following rules is too rare to be called an issue to deal with.
Superhost an issue? No.

My most common issues in the 5 years I’ve been hosting:

  1. Guests book for 1 but there are two of them.
  2. App is glitchy/laggy and I won’t get notification of a same day booking in a timely manner
  3. I used to have problem with guests not parking in the desired spot but I’ve fixed that now.

Same here.

My issues:

  1. Guests booking for one or two, and showing up with more. In every case, though, it has always been fewer than my maximum number of guests, so I haven’t needed to cancel a reservation. If they showed up with more than two and had to pay for the extra people, they have done so readily, and it hasn’t been a problem with my reviews.

  2. Location ratings. I’ve had two or three 4 star ones out of my 70+ reviews.

  3. Guests not leaving reviews. I’m not sure what my review rate is, but it’s definitely down from last year. I’m guessing that has to do with the fact my previous reviews are positive; perhaps my guests think they don’t have anything to add to what has already been said…?


I’m honestly a bit shocked that I’m still being reviewed by … uh, hmmm.

So I went to look at my review rate which was, I think, around 79% last time I looked. And it’s gone. Review percentage which was required to be 50% for SH is gone. I slept through that change I guess. They must have removed that at the same time they allowed us to have 1 cancellation for every 100 bookings.

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That’s correct. It was mentioned in the info on the changes. I’m sure it helps the big multi-listing hosts like hotels.

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Just this one for me. In some cases, it could be because the guests don’t read the rules. However, except for the one group of guests that threw a wild party, the actual issues were really minor and simply resulted in some extra cleaning.

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Can I ask why you post so many questions here @O_Apartments but never come back and comment on or acknowledge responses or provide input/advice yourself on other topics.

Almost like you are collecting information to use to promote yourself as an expert on your own platforms :cry:


I hadn’t realized that went from survey to reality. I admittedly don’t pay too close attention to SH stuff since I won’t qualify any time soon die to entitled guests who don’t read.


Yep. lately though it’s the disrespect I feel from Customer Support.

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announcement of a new hosting app / service / whatever in 3… 2…


Jan’s been blogging and flogging for years. Nothing new here.

  1. Guests asking for early check in/late check out
  2. Guests dirtying or stealing my stuff
  3. Guests complaining about the pool being open seasonally only (see comment above re:Guests don’t read the info).

For me it’s guests throwing parties even though the house rules clearly state no parties. I’m really getting sick of it!


I encountered a lot of weird things in the early days but after 7 years nothing phases me anymore and I run a tight ship.
My top issue these days is… Hair.

Just please send me totally bald guests.


My only real issue is having to sweep up sackfuls of pine needles from the “lovely garden and pool” our guests like so much every time there is the slightest breeze …
Otherwise, the guests are fine, the money’s good and I rarely have any contact with Airbnb. I’m sorry I’m beginning to sound like Pollyanna …


Oh my god, yes, the hair! Which reminds me I want to order one of those shower shrooms…


Pollyanna Mark ll here :slight_smile:

I’m the same, no problems. (I mean, I really don’t like cleaning toilets, I desperately want to do away with the glass shower screen thingy and I don’t know whose bright idea it was to have a blue velevet sofa that shows every hair and crumb but apart from that…)

I have no problem with rules because I don’t really have any, I never call support as I prefer to run my business myself, I’ve never had a dishonest review and although I’m a superhost it means nothing to me.

Yeah, Pollyanna, sorry :slight_smile:


Totally bald. Full body wax.