Toilet seat horror

A chinese guy left shit at the edge of the toillet by check out and left 2 big bags gabbage…I didn’t charge his cleaning fee this time coz he has a child. But what do you do normally.

Clean it and throw the rubbish out.

Give them a rating that reflects it.


Is your cleaning fee not automatic? Do you have any guidance laid out for what guests should do prior to departure?

I said in house rule: please keep the room and the wc clean after using it

That means different things to different people.

Did you send the guest a special offer waiving the cleaning fee?

Normally I would charge a cleaning fee, especially with a child. Two big bags of garbage for 2 people who have been there it seems three weeks now seems reasonable.

How awful that you should even have to say that!

Can you clarify “shit at the edge of toilet”? Did he leave big huge turds outside of the toilet on the edge? Or did he not wipe up the diahrrea splatters?

Do guests know where to take the trash? I charge the same cleaning fee whether or not guest has a child.


Do you guys realize who KIKI is???


Sigh. This would be the post I read while eating lunch

I’m not sure why you make hosting so complicated: Charge everyone the same cleaning fee (at the beginning,through Airbnb!) Don’t have extra chanrges for random things. Don’t offer babysitting services. Imagine the liability issues!


You guys… Don’t engage this person… It is “you know who…”


Okay… I will say it…let the public flogging commence… Kiki = Chen Susanne a member that has displayed troll like behaviour in the past.


The circumstantial case is very good. But what if it is another German Chinese host with similar problems?


If it were that host, she had a listed cleaning fee AND an extremely high security deposit. That host also has no reviews on their new listing.

So, I don’t know if this is Le or not.

It might not be an air booking, it might be Suidan’s Wimdu listing. Maybe in an attempt to at least get a booking the fees were waived. And the stay ended recently enough that there might not be a review post yet. I like to be given the benefit of the doubt, so I give it as well. But the coincidences are strong.

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Remove garbage, clean toilet, give 1 star for cleanliness, move on…

That is the life of being a host, if you cannot stand garbage or shit, and see AirBnB as a easy moneymaker, stop hosting!!


Suidan does collect a cash deposit on checkin… there is, however, no cleaning fee posted.

I do hope you caught a whiff of sarcasm in the last post. :wink:


Our tongues are so firmly planted in our cheeks that we’re a little hard to understand


Thanks for your great Auswertung, ich really appreciate it

Well this is an easy one…just add a new House Rule: " No sh*t and curry at the edge of the toilet."