Toilet Brushes, Do you provide them?

I noticed a few guests in the last few weeks, leaving behind badly stained toilets after a bowel movement, it was US, Italian, Finnish and Russian guests. It’s just not a nice job to have to clean up after another adult, I know its part of the business but I really dislike it

I supply brushes which are kept in Dettol (cleaning agent )in an enclosed holder. They are washed out every few days, a job that turns my stomach to be honest.

I noticed over the years, some hotels have stopped supplying toilet brushes in the bathrooms.

Do other hosts supply toilets brushes or how is a guest to clean the toilet after use ?

I rent out a whole home. And in each bathroom the toilet brush with it’s holder is stored in the cabinet under the sink. I’m not sure if guests use it, but that’s what I use to clean the toilets during turnover.


I have a toilet brush in a holder, a bottle of toilet cleaner and a plunger on the bathroom floor next to the toilet. The guests appear to be using the toilet brush as the toilet rarely has signs of use.

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I remote host, so I do not deal with change overs. I do supply a brush in each bathroom. I will say that the brushes get changed out twice a year. Whether they need it or not…

Same here. A brush and plunger beside each toilet. The cleaner is in the vanity.


I’ve learned to leave everything guests might need out. If they have to look in a vanity, cupboard, whatever they will say it wasn’t provided.


Ditto. I leave a brush plunger and bowl cleaner. But In my youth I was a camp counselor who cleaned plenty of latrines and later worked evening shift retail and cleaned my share of restrooms used by customers all day, so it’s all OK that’s what the cleaning fee is for. Been fortunate that most guests leave the bowl sparkling. As my plumber uncle used to say “Doesn’t bother me; smells like money!”


It seems that guests always go through our vanities. They are wood and need to be pushed in to close all the way, so they are usually left slightly ajar.

The reason I leave the toilet cleaner in the vanity is because I don’t want them to think that I expect them to clean the toilets since it’s included in the changeover.

I find that in non-North American washrooms the toilets need to be cleaned more “after use” and usually a good brushing is enough and all that is noticeably provided - although the container may have some detergent in it.

I do also, not sure if anyone uses it but I only seem to encounter a stripe every blue moon.

Hair is more my gross out cleaning thing. Ewwwwwwwwwww.

thanks for the replies. I was beginning to think that they don’t exist anywhere and that’s why some adults would walk out and leave the toilet in a bad state as they did not know what they were for.

Other people’s poo and me don’t mix well. I charge €10 cleaning fee which is not much, you don’t know if someone will be clean or not until they stay with you. Imagine putting it into your house rules, if you don’t clean the toilet after a bowel movement, an addition cleaning fee will be charged at a daily rate. :smile:

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I supply a toilet brush & plunger beside each toilet with cleaner under the sink (like another guest on this thread). I replace them at the beginning of each rental season. I am a remote owner so I don’t do the exit cleaning.

We provide them, don’t know if they are ever used. Haven’t had any bad toilets so far. In our own home we have installed a hose, an idea we picked up in Asia, makes cleaning easier. Yes when we travel hubby checks out hardware shops!

Toilet brush and plunger next to the toilet. Learned the necessity of a plunger very early on. As to the toilet brush, I can say with absolute confidence, none of our guests use. We clean the toilets (and bathrooms) every single day. As a nurse, I a touch paranoid regarding c.diff and as a mother of three boys, I’ve learned the hard way that guys have extraordinarily poor aim. We keep a container of clorox wipes in plain view for anyone to use, but it would seem they don’t use those, either (based on what we end up cleaning off the toilet daily.

I’ve wiped enough bottoms for it not to bug me (assuming I have access to gloves), but I agree with the poster above that hair will have me gagging in a heartbeat.

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I’m curious what you mean by “hose”–a bidet type set up or something different?

We have one but caution,I overlooked inspecting it at cleaning time until a guest mentioned ( in a review/ private comments) his surprise at finding unexpectedly some dangleberries left behind on the brush from a previous guest. Oh the horror!


I do provide one. Toilet bowl cleaner is in the sink vanity. My toilets are generally left in good condition and since I have a lot of one night guests I know it and the toilet bowl get cleaned often.

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Yeuch :frowning: This is why I hate toilet brushes and find them so unsanitary. I do have one after it was mentioned by some guests, but I really hate them.


Definitely supply brushes. I just stayed in a Airbnb where there was nothing to clean with, even dish soap. I don’t know how the host expected us to leave everything in “original condition” .


Well, that was a nice thread to read before my breakfast!

I do remember reading on a previous thread here that someone wrote “No guest should ever see a toilet brush!” So I guess they are supposed to believe that the Poo Fairies come in the night and magically clear away one’s, er, leavings … I admit that loo brushes can get very nasty (dangleberries is a new one to me!) but really, what’s the alternative?

Actually I don’t ever remember having a guest leave a dirty toilet.

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I have had my last disgusting toilet brush. I now buy dirt cheap ones on Amazon that work out to about £2 each, only the brushes. As soon as one gets bad, it goes in the trash. Works out to about one every 6 weeks. The holder thingie remains.

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