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Tip: list your place on Google MyBusiness

Hello all,

I have listed my rental apartment as a business on Google.

Honestly I have yet to understand how and when it is displayed in the search results of Google Search and Google Maps but anyway it gets views (346 views since it went online on 15th July), and it generates a few clicks to my listing (5 clicks). I got one inquiry from a prospective guest who told me he saw my place on Google.

It looks like a simple and free idea to generate more traffic on your listing :slight_smile:


Hi @Barthelemy,

Thank you for the tip. How do you know how many views and clicks to ascribe to your Google MyBusiness listing?

Once you register your place you have a MyBusiness dashboard which shows views and clicks :slight_smile: . There’s also an app.


Will check it out, thanks!


What are you using as “Category”?

In the french version of Google there’s “Appartement de vacances”, so I guess it must be Vacation Apartment or Holiday Apartment in English

Hey thanks for the tip!

Ok. I went with “Home Stay”, which is an Indian thing. Did you add a phone number? It doesn’t seem to have an option for a public email address.

Yes, i added my phone number and my Airbnb listing as a website but I guess you could also build a Facebook Page for your listing if you want people to be able to send a message outside of Air. Indeed you can’t add an email address.

Hi @Barthelemy,

Yes, that’s what I thought. I’m not sure about adding a phone number. I’ll think about it.
I added https://towerroom.net as a website, which redirects to my listing. Thanks for the pointers.

I have a secondary number for “trash” use ;). I also uploaded a lot of photos.

Yes, I should upload some photos. I’m not familiar with the concept of a phone number for “trash” use. How does that work?

Here you can have two different phones number with the same SIM card. Your phone displays a special code which tells you that the person is calling/texting you at your secondary number. You can set parameters when you want to direct these calls to voicemail, etc.

I use this secondary phone number to put on listings, etc, this way my main phone number remains safe and private and I can change my secondary phone number without having to tell all my contacts if ever there’s a problem .

But I guess you could get another phone number with a cheap prepaid card if this option is not available locally :). That would involve having two phones though.

Here in the States you can buy a $15 flip phone from Walmart or wherever, and set up with Virgin Mobile for $20 a month for 400 minutes of calling time. Add money if you want to text with the thing (I don’t).

I already have a Google MyBusiness account for my Personal Chef work. Will see if I can add another business.

I’m so obtuse. @Barthelemy - did you enter your street address? It seems like I’m being required to.

HI @Barthelemy,

That sounds very handy. But I don’t imagine such things are offered here. In India, even regular voice mail is hard to find. And I’ve heard of fancier things like have your voice mail messages emailed an audio file, which sounds even better.

Most Indian phones use cheap prepaid cards. Including mine, currently. :slight_smile:

By Indian standards that would be an incredibly expensive calling plan. But I suppose that comes as no surprise to anyone.

Hm, I found this

"Ineligible businesses

The following businesses aren’t eligible for a business listing:

Businesses that are under construction or that have not yet opened to the public.
Rental or for-sale properties, such as vacation homes, model homes or vacant apartments. Sales or leasing offices, however, are eligible for verification.
An ongoing service, class, or meeting at a location that you don't own or have the authority to represent. Please coordinate with your host to have your information displayed on the listing for their business within their "Introduction" field."

So, what category did you use to list your business?

“holiday apartment”… From what I understand you should not list properties for sale or long-term leases, but holiday rentals are allowed.

In my area Google displays availability and prices for several holiday rentals directly when you browse Google Maps so it seems legit.

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@dcmooney indeed a street address is required.

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