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Tip: list your place on Google MyBusiness

@Barthelemy Great idea! Will report back how it goes in Barcelona.

I only had the choice of:

Holiday Flat
Holiday Home Letting Agency
Holiday Park

hmmm looks like I’m an Agency now!

It also appears that I can only choose the Post option to verify…takes a couple of weeks to verify by snail mail.

I wound up using “Home Stay”, I think. That’s an Indian term, possibly. It means (as the name suggests) staying with a family. And yes, only a Post option was available here.

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I got Holiday Apartment option in Barcelona. However, they have to send me a post card (!!) to verify. Very Odd.

If you are listing your home or vacant apartment as a “short term rental” you may want to reconsider this, as it is against Google’s T.O.S…

"Ineligible businesses
The following businesses aren’t eligible for a business listing:

Businesses that are under construction or that have not yet opened to the public.
Rental or for-sale properties, such as vacation homes, model homes or vacant apartments. Sales or leasing offices, however, are eligible for verification.
An ongoing service, class, or meeting at a location that you don’t own or have the authority to represent."

The rules may be different where you are. You can check here.

@Jamr I think the rules are different for Europe and as Google gave myself and @Barthelemy the option to list our properties are ‘Holiday Apartments’.

Hey Barthelemy
Is it necessary to have a website to use Google my business?

So I got a call over the weekend from someone who found my place using a Google search! That’s the good news…the bad news is that I forgot I set that up and ended up sounding like a complete twit on the phone (no booking actually took place SURPRISE!). Anyway, it does work people - just be ready for that phone call :wink:


@Barthelemy and @dcmooney, did Google ask you to verify your address somehow? I know for other business listings sometimes they snail mail an actual postcard to the address you specify. I love this idea but I am not comfortable listing my address to non-guests and to the public… which makes advertising and marketing harder, I know. In any case, I was wondering if in the Google business listing I could somehow specify a general address or just the area my place is in instead of the exact postal address…

I never followed through; I don’t remember why. Some quiet evening in the off season I’m going to figure all this out…

Yes you get by post a code that you need to enter to verify the adress

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