Tiny red dots in calendar on open dates in May and June

Dear Fellow Hosts, I need your guidance please. I try to make changes to my calendar on an almost daily basis and just noticed tiny dots in the calendar on dates that are still open for May and June; the dots are really micro-dots, almost imperceptible. Do you know the meaning of the micro-red dots?

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@KKC So, I see the following explanation “From that thread, airbnb said:
Red means that there is low demand for those dates in your region. This information can help you to perhaps adjust your price or another aspect of your listing to attract guests”.
Has anyone found that the foregoing explanation is counterintuitive?

I believe the prior discussions mention that.

@KKC and other hosts – I have two apartments in the same building and only one of my listings has tiny red dots on open dates during the month of June – if what had been posted in the past was correct in that the tiny red dots signify low demand during a certain period, the red dots would show up on the same dates in both listings and not in only one of the listings…isn’t that logical reasoning?

Airbnb isn’t trying to be logical. They are trying to get you to lower your prices. But honestly I don’t know much about the red dots and can’t remember if I’ve seen them on my listing. It’s part of Airbnb manipulation.

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@KKC Logical reasoning is usually my default mode of thinking but you are right, Airbnb’s system is not necessarily predicated on logic…

I see them all the time on my open dates. I pay no attention, just as I pay no attention to their pricing tips.

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Those dots pepper my open days like the chicken pox, haha! Running neck and neck with the question mark. I don’t pay them any attention. It’s ABB limbo - how low can you go?

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The tiny red dots signify low booking probability. You can find the legend information for the calendar by clicking the “?” icon at the top of your calendar.

I have red dots on the busiest, highest priced week of the year. When I click on one of the dates, the info at the right hand side states that prices are being driven up as 86% more guests are searching YOY. Makes no sense