Timing of Review Posting

I’ve seen the suggestion to post a review that is not glowing late in the 14 day period. I understand this is to avoid further commentary from the guest.

So the 14th day would be best, I assume. Who’s (time zone?) clock is being observed?

@Skai The best way to keep track of this all the way down to the last minute is by clicking on the reservation from the main calendar for that listing. If you are in the review period, it will tell you exactly how many days/hours/minutes you have left.

In this case, I would wait until it says about 10 minutes left so you still have time to write it up and get it finished before the clock runs out.

I was speaking with a host about this yesterday. He had a review all ready to go and missed out on posting it. There seemed to be an issue with the time change. I don’t know if it was on his end or the Airbnb end so you might want to check on that in the interim.

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Thanks @JJD and @KKC. I wasn’t aware of that method of checking how much time was left to review. That is helpful, but if the sync or whatever is not correct…

I have five hours, supposedly.


@Skai At some point it will turn into a countdown of minutes but you have to complete the review entirely in that time. If you think you have a lot to say or want to really think it out, you could write it up ahead of time and just be able to copy and paste when it’s go-time.

Oh that’s interesting. I could see how there could be a glitch with that. I’m really amazed at how much the time-change messes with things - it’s not like we just started doing it.

Also, it’s important to keep refreshing the page so that it updates.

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@JJD, thanks to your screenshot, I also see that we are told whether the guest has left a review. Helpful stuff.


He may not have been refreshing the page. It’s weird though because the time changes in the middle of the night.

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Yeah, it can be helpful. It seems rare that a guest writes a review at the last moment though I have seen it happen. In this case of mine, he’s/she’s already written a review so it’s not so relevant to get it in at the last moment. Getting it at the very last moment is to avoid cuing a guest who hasn’t written a review to write one.

For this case, I am just putting it off because I need to leave him/her a negative review and am still thinking it through, what to say, etc. I expect his/her review of me is good but there’s always a possibility that he/she is “striking first” because they know they were not good guests. Although I think they weren’t good guests because they are so self-absorbed so probably haven’t figured out that they aren’t good guests. But they will soon - in about 6 days,)


If you think the guest might leave a bad review for you, then you wait to submit your review at the very end because the guest will get a notification that you have submitted your review. Even though the guest won’t be able to see your review, the guest might suspect it’s negative but won’t have time to write a negative review of you before time expires.

I personally wouldn’t bother with a last minute review. However, I might think differently about waiting until the last minute if I was in that situation and a negative review could seriously affect my income.

What is this time change of which you speak? j/k

My area does not observe DST although his home country Austria does. I’ll watch the timer.

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And because they didn’t write a review for you, they also won’t be able to respond to your review.

The other reason to wait is if your guest has already written a review and you don’t think it’s going to be good, there’s just no reason to have it published on your listing any longer than necessary.

I’ve had 2 guests that wrote last-day (not exactly last-minute) reviews. Both were 5-star. I assume they got a reminder e-mail/notification from Airbnb near the last day. My very first guest messaged me a day after the time expired and apologize that she didn’t see the messages. They checked-out before sunrise and didn’t see the first reminder from Airbnb, and they live on Hopi/Navajo land near of Shonto, AZ and didn’t have internet access at home.

Yes, it seems pretty common for reviews to come in on the last day (but not the last hour even). I think they amp-up the reminders on the last day.

The time change affected the guest I had here from Friday until this morning. From our conversation this morning it looks like he’s been off for two hours all weekend. Also it messed up my scheduled Skype call with my New Zealand friend last week.

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@KKC I guess we should have all started planning on this time-change thing to happen sooner, maybe planned it out at least 6 months ago so the technology could get it together :rofl:

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If I were you I’d put an outlook reminder or Alexa or whatever kind of reminder so you won’t forget it.
I usually review after they leave because otherwise I’d forget.

Excellent idea! :wink:

I waited and when it got to an hour, I got nervous and posted my review not being sure whether smaller increments, (half hour, 15 minutes, etc) would be displayed.

I now see that the guest has 35 minutes to post their review.

They are! All the way down to “a few seconds to leave a review”. Which is funny because it still says under that, “And it usually just takes a minute”.

I see now. Not sure when it displayed the time in durations less than an hour.

@Skai So, did your guest leave a review?