Thrown-away clothes

This is a new one for me. The last couple who stayed here threw away clothing. I found it when I emptied the small-sized bedroom wastebasket.

Believe me, I didn’t investigate it, but as it went into the trash bag, I saw a bikini (top and bottom), a tee shirt, and a pair of biking shorts.

Hmm. Wonder what happened!

You asked so …


I could be wrong but frankly I doubt the bikini would have made a difference …


So kind of you, @Jefferson. Mystery solved!

Obviously, they needed room to pack all the souvenirs, mini-soaps and shampoos, spare rolls of TP, and contents of your fridge.


How about this:

They wanted to go swimming, but forgot their swimsuits so ran to Walmart to buy some cheap ones. Found a bikini for the girl but couldn’t find anything for the guy, so he just bought cheap shorts and a tee shirt instead.

When they got back from swimming they realized you had no dryer/they couldn’t get it to work. They hung them up in the bathroom to dry. Come morning, the clothes were still damp so they could not pack them in the suitcase. They decided what the heck, they were just cheap Walmart clothes anyway so they tossed them in your trash can.

By the time you got there, they were dry.

Ta da!


Very imaginative!

Now work in the fact that we have an indoor pool. And a dryer.

Next time I would dig them out and donate to your local charity shop


We’ve had that a few times. Generally folks who’ve flown in to Andalucia via budget carriers and who are hand luggage only. What is also in the bin are the bags from shops like Zara, Sfera etc.

I suspect it’s a case of them overshopping and then having to work out what will fit in their case, and still be 10kg or less.



This made me laugh because it reminded me of my brother. When he used to traveled to PR he never packed. He simply would go to Walmart to buy clothing and necessities. Then leave everything behind. He said he liked to travel light and Walmart was so inexpensive. So you might be right about the bikini, shorts and t-shirt. LOL


Nothing wrong wit investigating the trash, one of my early bookings I lost a dinner knife, not a butter knife, and I always suspected that it went in the trash. Now I investigate.



When traveling I often take my least favorite/oldes clothes and leave some behind if I need room for things I purchase. Especially bulky items like coats. I have a thrift store where I can get very nice coats for $5-10 and then just leave them behind.

We previously had a thread about hosts who resent when guests leave things for them to clean up. So I can see where some folks think it’s appropriate to throw those things away.


Perhaps they brought stuff with them that was simply no longer wanted. I’ve done that with old t-shirts or beach shoes that are past their sell-by date.

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I also pack some of my worst clothes when traveling, especially when traveling for a long stretch of time and/or through different climates. For example, when I traveled through Portugal, Spain and Morocco one July, I brought loose linen modesty clothes for Morocco that were useless in Portugal/Spain that time of year. They were old and about ready for the bin anyway, so I tossed them before leaving Marrakech. I did something similar with old hiking clothes in SE Asia, since I needed sleeves/long pants for hiking in the jungle (mosquitoes) but it was too hot for them to be practical elsewhere; I brought stuff that was at the end of its life and then left it behind. Most of those items had already been replaced, or needed to be.

Especially if people are shopping, this makes sense to me. Throwing out good clothes, however, does not. If you can dig it out to donate (if the condition is good), that’s a good idea.

@RebeccaF, any blood stains on them?
Yes, I just returned from a road trip heavy on true crime podcasts.
No, but were there?


I honestly didn’t look. I was kinda grossed out.


@lawre LOL. My suspicions immediately went to kidnapping, murder or bank robbery :laughing:

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You’re probably better off not knowing. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, it’s common for people who are travelling to take their oldest clothes with them so that they can just throw them away and not be bothered hauling them home dirty in their suitcases. A lot of people do this with their underwear as a matter of course when they travel.

I like it when they accidentally leave a t-shirt or a robe or whatever - especially if they’re my size. :slight_smile:


When I travel on longer trips, I tend to pack older items (socks, underwear, etc) that are due for replacement. I discard them, after they are worn and replace them when I get home. The cost of laundering them (at least in hotels and cruise ships) typically is much more expensive than replacing them.


Really? I learn something new every day on the forum. :wink:

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I found a guest’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers t-shirt rolled up in the bedding. It was old and pretty ratty, but I’d seen him wear it a lot, so figured maybe it was a sentimental golden-oldie and messaged him to see if he wanted it back. He messaged back, saying to throw it out, pass it on, or I could consider becoming a Buccaneers fan, as all other disappointments in life would pale by comparison.