Thomas Cook company collapses

Fascinating. I first saw this article posted in a group that’s devoted to surviving the impending global collapse due to climate change (climate apocalypse whatever you want to call it.) Of course they see it as a data point in their contention that leisure travel is doomed and should be doomed anyway.

I haven’t detected it much here but do any hosts here have concerns or contingency plans if your Airbnb business suddenly collapses?

We don’t DEPEND on our Air income. IMHO that’s just foolish. If you want to make a living as a Host, then Airbnb should be a first step in your advertising campaign, not your one-and-only marketing tool.

If our Air income dried up or suddenly collapsed, I’d take my dulcimer and lyre and go seriously busking/gigging for money, not just occasionally as I do now.


I’ve been meaning to finish my VRBO,homeway listing and get a few more. This will help motivate me. I’ve been very lucky in that I’m nearly 100% booked 9 months a year through Air and about 50-75% during off season. Good excuse to not leave all eggs in same basket.


If there was an economic collapse, as opposed to just your airbnb, I don’t think music gigs are going to be paying. However I’m sure you could offer a lot of comfort and emotional support playing music.


If the Airbnb business collapses, I can live off my day job or find a roommate to offset my housing costs. But first it will just get competitive. All these STR-gold-rush entrepreneurs in my town are going to have a hard time covering the mortgages on their whole-condo rentals. Those of us who live in our homes can outcompete them on price since those expenses are offset on shared properties.

Rich folks have escaped the hustle and bustle of Chicago and Detroit to visit the North woods for at least 150 years. So long as solar flares don’t knock out the electronics on cars, people will still find their way up here.


Given the current climate in the Portland area surrounding STRs, I expect someday to go back to LTR (ideally, 90+ day furnished rentals). As I’ve said before, I’m enjoying it while it lasts. The money I have made has allowed me to invest in capital improvements which will hopefully allow me to lease my apartments at a higher than average market rate in the future.


Gasoline prices and shortages would probably do it before solar flares.

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Gardens, rainwater collection, solar panels?

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Thomas Cook employs 22000 people worldwide, 9000 in the UK. These people suddenly find themselves without a job as of today, not even knowing if they will be paid or receive redundancy payments. This is not fascinating for ordinary working people, nor for the mum stuck at Manchester Airport this morning with her two autistic sons with ADHD, their holiday cancelled.

My Airbnb “business” has in fact collapsed, albeit temporarily. Like Ken says, it would be foolish to have all of my eggs in one basket, so no, I’m not concerned; just bored.


Already done. Plus greenhouse, polytunnel, and raised beds I can turn over to veg growing instead of flowers for weddings and events.


I think this is true. I purchased my whole condo rentals when housing prices were much lower than now. My new host neighbors are purchasing at much higher prices and charging less in nightly rent.

Something is going to give way. The allure of STR at some point will fade when the hosts can’t get the rentals to cover the bills.

I will change mine to LTR if necessary; but I don’t want to.

Btw-I feel optimistic about continuing to get rentals because my 2 condos are among the few first floor, no steps condos at the beach. Elevated housing was not required because we are built on a high spot. Who would’ve thought 12-15 feet above sea level was considered high?


Certainly not.

As for my comment about fascinating (as it seems it’s not clear what I was referring to?) is seeing the article in a group about the impending collapse and about how they see it as a sign of the apocalypse rapidly approaching. It was the context, not the news.

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I don’t know this website or anything about its reliability, but I found this just now, saying that Thomas Cook India is all that’s affected:

If I couldn’t use Airbnb, I would switch to other short-term listing agencies like VRBO, and if I couldn’t rent short term, I would go back to long-term. I don’t depend on the income, so other options exist, including not renting the house at all or selling it.


Fascinating that only Joan acknowledges anything about the global climate apocalypse being the cause of tourism collapsing.


In preparation for Armageddon, I took a the current valuation on my home and knocked out 40% (the worst slide I have seen here) and I am OK. Praise!

Less than fascinating was the amount of rubbish left behind by the Climate Rebellion activists, after the demonstration in London last Friday. It was horrific, and a complete betrayal of the values they profess to espouse.

it felt like they were saying “do as I say, not as I do”.

I more than agree with what they say, and have been active in my own ways since before most were born, but to leave mounds of plastic packaging, single use non returnable plastic bottles, cardboard strewn about. It looked like they’d been to a music festival rather than a climate protest.

We started planting a woodland in the field next door at the weekend. A small measure compared to the solar panel farm in the next field, but one none-the-less.

We’re waiting for battery storage to improve before putting a wind turbine up. I leave the academics of such to Mr Joan but boy, does the wind come off the White Cliffs of Dover. Seems a shame to wast it!


I’m not excusing anyone but do you suppose there were a significant number of people participating for the sake of the spectacle? In other words, they weren’t actual members of XR or anything like that, they were regular people just showing their support.

I’m pretty much entirely pessimistic about the whole thing but “following and supporting” as long as I don’t have to make any changes in my own lifestyle.

That feels like a contradiction in terms, unless my Brit Pick is at full tilt.

I would say not all were members by any means, but they weren’t simply there for the sake of spectacle. From what I saw, people were without question passionate supporters of XR.

Yes, I was there. We went to a nearby pub we know afterwards, in order to avoid the crush on the underground. We saw the carnage left behind on College Green, outside the houses of Parliament when we left.

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Again, fascinating. I think I’ll have to stop reading in the XR/DeepAdaptation forums soon for my own mental health.