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This is so gross and possibily illegal hotel cleaning policy!

OMG I dont think I ever want to stay in a hotel again,unless its the four seasons! I have read that most cheap hotels only launder their bedspreads 4 times a year! The high end hotels wash after every guest. Can that even be legal???When I check into a hotel I wear gloves and I spend a few minutes to sanitize everything, all handles, switches(I put the remote in a zip lock since that is the filthiest thing of all since what do guys do after they “do it?”…watch tv! Now I have to bring my own bedspread…

Although I’m super-hygienic when preparing the rental, it wouldn’t occur to me to sanitise a hotel room I was staying in.

But one thing I almost always do in hotels is push the bedspread to the bottom of the bed, not because of the hygiene factor but because I usually find them too heavy and warm. Invariably, it finds its way onto the floor overnight. Just think, if other people do that, the bedspread spends half its life on the floor and must be teeming with bacteria.

I also hate it when they are garishly patterned - you can’t see what stains might be on there. We use pale aqua in the rental for that reason - I want guests to see that there are no stains :slight_smile:


Bedspreads have disappeared from hotels here in Europe but I have always thought they’re a decorative item and not meant to be slept in.

Sanitising your environment is pointless unless you plan on licking the door handles. You have an immune system.


That is why I have a coverlet that is washable with an extra set. Bamboo collection is pale aqua as well. I have come to learn that I a lot of Asian cultures do not understand the sheets concept and they will sleep on the coverlet and take my extra blankets to cover themselves. I wash one while I uses the other one that is cleaned to alternate them.

That’s good to know. Surprisingly, I’ve had Europeans, Australians but no Asians as yet. (I’d love to host guests from India to get cooking tips!)

When I ordered our bedspreads they came with pillow shams. My confusion about American bedding is something I’ve talked about before and these shams have just lived in the cupboard - I’ve never used them. I don’t really get what they’re for! In hotels, I just chuck the fancy pillows - the ones that don’t seem to be for sleeping on - onto the floor…

Ignorant Brit :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s gross. You can not sanitize your environment like this, we as humans crawling with germs, always were and always will.

Think twice before hosting guests from India. We just had a family who trashed the house and their cooking made us replace all pots and pans and this is only after 2 nights. When I left them review describing the mess their response was like they did not even realized the filth they created in the house. After I heard all the stories about Indians and cooking I still stubbornly rented to them but now have the same story to share. No more, sorry.


By bedspread do you mean duvet inner? Or do you mean the blanket/ comforter ?

Ha @Kirsty_Jane - good to see that someone else is as confused about bedding as I am :slight_smile:

Haha yes! I live in the uk at the mo and they just use duvets with sometimes a flat sheet between the duvet and bottom sheet. Back home in NZ it’s to hot for a duvet a lot of year - so it’s a flat sheet and a blanket or comforter I think it’s called in the states. I wash my duvet cover after every guest but not the duvet itself!!

I’m from England but live in Florida. On our own bed, we use a bottom sheet, duvet in cover and that’s it. (Because it’s Florida, the duvet is a fairly light one). Absolutely no flat sheet. (I just don’t see why.) So I use the same in the rental.

I use all white so I put the aqua bedspread, coverlet, comforter, whatever-the-flippin-thing-is-called, on top just for fancy. I suppose that in England, I’d call it a light quilt - just to add even more to the confusion :slight_smile:

this is what my coverlet looks like and it is really not meant to be used as a quilt or blanket since I do provide a blanket and sheets. But it is thin enough that folks sleep under it.


That’s why I don’t have a stove and I don’t allow any cooking there is only a microwave and a toaster and coffee maker that limits the mass they can make. If they want to cook they can go somewhere else

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All Indian people do not trash the homes they stay in.

After I put a sign asking people to clean the kitchen after use (and I also mention it when I give my tour), I haven’t had a problem.

Wow, that simple? You told them to clean and they obeyed, how wonderful!
O no, of course not all trash houses … But majority. That’s enough for me to not rent to them again ever. If it was just that simple, just to tell them to clean and they comply. And do you think they did not get instructions from me to clean in writing and verbally?? And seriously, what normal civilized person needs to be told to clean after themselves? Is in it a common sense for all humans with all kinds of backgrounds ?
They did not just leave a mess, it was something horrific. They were there only 2 days, even pool was messed up with something, my pool guy could not figure it out, some kind of body oil.

There is no stove on a kitchen??

I predict that Airbnb will be shutting host accounts down without apology based on reports of type of discrimination if they haven’t started already.

You can call it whatever you want but you can’t go against the facts. You can host whoever you want and then suffer consequences , but unless certain guests start to " behave" I will descriminate who to host for sure. This is what screening process is for. Discrimination does not mean only based on race. By the way, by law, you can dedcriminate in your own house based on anything: age, religion, race, body type…

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You are using a service and have agreed to the TOS. If you are providing lodging within the United States you also agree to follow the laws of the USA. The law states that if you are providing lodging to people you can’t discriminate based on their race or their country of origin.

You are also posting this information on a public forum and anyone who visits this forum can report this post to Airbnb. It’s easy to tell who you are and which listing is yours. The behaviors that you are reporting are a problem and you have a right to screen for those behaviors. But to make a public, blanket statement that you won’t rent to people of Indian descent is racist and could get you delisted.


ok what if i said, i wont rent to people who are mad cooks, use a lot of spices and dont clean after themselves? And it happened to be people from India in my experience. Would that make it better?
I really have nothing against any race or religion in this world, but… if i have the same bad experience over and over again with same ethnic group would i want to repeat it? or anyone? I heard about indian cooking so many times here on this forum, and about mess that never gets cleaned, and STILL i decided to rent to this family.
And i had the same story as others.

I really suspect that may be its a cultural thing to have a messy environment. This family kept on arguing and denying that they left any mess at all, but at the same time they were not happy with few left overs ketchup packets in refrigerator.

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