This Is A First

Guest was meant to check in today for 2 days. Check in is from 2pm til 7pm. We’ve had no communication at all from them. We send detailed emails via Airbnb and on the day we send an email requesting ETA. Nothing from them. Come 5:15pm we get a cancellation notice from Airbnb: “Your guest reported the the amenity issue at Sheep Wagon2 Glamping on Navajoland hasn’t been resolved. They’ve opted to cancel their reservation and receive a full refund in accordance with our Guest Refund Policy. You won’t receive a payout for this reservation.” THEY NEVER CHECK IN! NOR HAVE WE HEARD FROM THEM AT ALL!

So what did Airbnb say when you contacted them? I wonder how airbnb justifies refunding when there was clearly communication on your side and none on the guest’s side.

Waiting. But, I did receive my copy of The Airbnb Story for being one of the longest tenured Superhosts today.


Oh! The irony! …


This sounds like a story that belongs on Twitter or other social media.

$470 gone. I looked up her reviews. She’s done this before.

Did you call them? If so, what did they say?

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Airbnb is not answering the phone today. Yes, I’ve been trying and trying.

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Not answering a SuperHost? That is odd.

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And it’s my birthday today. :frowning:

Curious- what sort of cancellation policy do you have?

Strict. We are a B&B on the Navajo nation 12 miles south of Lake Powell. Very much tourists moving through fast trying to fit in as much as possible. We are Strict as plans change quick and we do not wish to be on the bum end of it.

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I always check reviews. In this case I’d have declined her, stating not comfortable. Call Airnb if issues re refusing would change status.

Yes, perhaps we should have. We’ve been duped.

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I meant, did you call the guest.

So how did they get their money back if you are strict?

They lied.

20 20 20 20

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We called. We emailed. We messaged via Airbnb. Nothing.

I have never NOT had them answer the phone. Plus, there is a dedicated line for superhosts.

They didn’t answer for me the other night. I had to give up after 30 minutes as it was eating into my minutes. I’m a superhost. I think it depends where in the world you are.

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