This host makes us look like small fry!

Not only does “he” have 20,000 plus reviews the fact that “his” (yes I am aware it’s a management company) he has an impressive 41/2* rating.

And I wouldn’t stay with him because they would have a cookie cutter experience. I prefer an individual host who is fully committed to the guest and their own property.


Sure, I get all that but I am impressed that he maintains such a high rating with so many reviews, that’s pretty good work. And yes that is the reason Melbourne is saturated however, I would stay there. When you are in a big city you are out all day and just need a clean, cheap, functional place with a good location and these places do that. I would definitely stay.

We can’t see what you are looking at @Poppy because you have created a PDF rather than providing links to the listings managed by this management company.

Can you post a link to one of the listings?

However isn’t 4.5 quite a bit lower than what is needed to reach superhost status?

It’s actually a screenshot, here is the listing page:

I only found him because he reviewed one of my guests. The superhost bar is set by Air and I believe is irrelevant to this discussion. I want to know where they get their obviously exceptional staff, especially as someone checks guests in.

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For some reason I don’t think 4.5 is exceptional. I won’t stay in a 4.5 place. Not because it’s beneath me but because I don’t have to.


Thanks for the link.

And really @Poppy don’t pick :slight_smile: - it was a static image without the facility for us to click on the links you provided.

I’ve looked at his inner city apartments and read the reviews and they would suit me perfectly. It’s not that 41/2* is exceptional, it’s maintaining that standard with thousands and thousands of guests while offering good value in a good location that is exceptional.

I think I am pretty experienced when it comes to staying in different types of accommodation and I think they should be congratulated. Their thousands of guests have been pretty happy too, so that’s proof in itself they are doing the right thing.

Is there anyone on this forum that can give someone credit for a job well done?


Wasn’t having a go at the host company, but it is a COMPANY. It is impressive that they have managed to maintain a good average …but not for me.

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I’d say the vast majority of us do @Poppy

Have a look at the great thread where people have posted their listings and other threads where people ask for feedback on their listings.

There are lovely, positive comments, alongside fantastic money can’t buy advice on how they might be improved, where hosts ask for it.

I too am pretty experienced as a traveller (started out my career in the travel industry where I travelled extensively then worked in careers where I travel in the UK and abroad).

It’s just if I am staying in an Airbnb I am not attracted to staying in ‘hotel style’ airbnb but prefer the personal touch and to stay with a host who manages their place/s.

Nothing wrong with hotel style Airbnb’s. Its a good model for an Airbnb management company. It’s like other franchise type models like Tesco’s or McDonalds. Some people like going there because they know wherever they are in the world they get a consistent product.

Just not to my personal taste and I prefer to stay with a superhost or someone with mainly five star reviews.


Thank you for sharing. Impressive listings. Nice reviews. 4.5**** for a management company is impressive. I think people will leave a more critical review for a company than an individual.

Actually I think 4.5**** for a individual is impressive too. All it takes is one low star rating to blow the average unless you have enough other reviews to offset it.

My neighbor has her unit listed on Airbnb by a management company and her listing is not as well presented as these. I will share the link with her so she can see what a truly professional management company can do.


I certainly can and have, probably a thousand times given the number of posts I’ve made.

As for the rest, I shrug. I don’t get it.


Wow it is impressive. After this summer I would rather stay With a company that manages listings ans knows exactly what they are doing than some hosts who have no idea how to host, plus have pissy personalities .
That’s why they have all this incredibly high ratings because they are professional and they train their stuff well.
Airbnb allows all kind of accomodation. It shifted from what it was in a begining which is a natural process. I stayed in many hotels this summer who I found on Airbnb for cheaper price than on other sites


That’s interesting as I always find Air the most expensive site to use as a guest. If I find somewhere I want to stay I usually do a search to see if I can find it cheaper, and every time if it’s on BDC it will be cheaper.

That’s a good tip.@Poppy Thank you.

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What is BDC?
I mean when I looked on it was always more than on Air same hotel.

BDC is booking . com

I find booking cheaper as a guest as the hosts pay the fees and not the guests.

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And BDC demands that they have the lowest price! I have now blocked this site over my floral festival. The Guests were universally horrible and tour groups booked my properties. They crowded more in, refused to pay for extras. Had real issues when the tour guides weren’t supportive to their groups and gave me their problems to solve including a diesel car that was filled with petrol - that phone call at 12-35 am! Doing my best to have the floral festival booked direct or from other booking sites. Also demanded that I taxi them around and then horrible reviews because they had never traveled in Australia before and expected a hotel experience. NEVER EVER AGAIN!

I used to have my house on booking also and had nothing g but trouble . You are right, guests were difficult

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To make up for those commision booking increase prices. I did the same