Things I'm Accomplishing During Lockdown

I’ve been doing odds and ends but love all these ideas! I had just left my day job to run my four Airbnb’s. I’m trying to use time productively but mostly I’ve still hired out odd jobs at my places that I’d wanted done while we have no guests. Power washed, plumbing that was needed, I did some gardening and weeding. At home I planted three raised beds with vegetables. I’ve also found some temporary renters at a loss but at least not hemorrhaging as much as we would be. People are trying to isolate themselves in medical fields from their families. I guess I will be home schooling starting next week and trying to sell real estate from my home office.

Along with my Airbnb I have an Etsy shop. It has understandably been very quiet lately so instead of making my spring/summer stock I am now sewing face masks to donate. My first batch is going to protect midwives.


I just got my elastic for mask-making, and will likely put them out for neighbors, with instructions to sterilize before wearing. People are putting them in baggies and hanging them on a tree for passersby.
The hospital up the street does NOT want homemade masks, so check first.

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Mine are going to places who have asked for them. I have also heard that hospitals who have said no eventually accept them because of the short supply.

New tires. Painting. Gardening. Renovating. Let’s retile the bathroom. Knitting. Grooming the cat. Cooking. Darn, the crabgrass is out already.

Symptoms have stopped my insanity.

For now! :blush:

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Barley I’d love to know more about your 'zines!

First quiet week I got, I sent in a chippy to re-work my Glampavan and make better choices with the space. And then the “crash” happened, so now this beautiful newly renovated Glampa is sitting there empty. Oh well, at least it’s done now! I’m preparing some promo material in the downtime ready to rock-and-roll when it’s time to re-open.

I’m also getting back into my art. Currently painting the entire kitchen table with whimsical animals and mandalas.

I like your neon work!


I am staying in my Airbnb isolating per my doctor. I am a healthcare worker with an exposure with mild symptoms thus far. I get to have a Q Tip jammed up my nose in the next 24 hours in order to test. A little nervous about that, however, after staying in the Airbnb space, I realize, I should invest in a coat rack for my visitors . I also realized I was out of hand soap in the kitchen (Did have dish soap…Oops!), and I should add 1 towel rack to the bathroom. Stay well friends. Outside of those things my Airbnb is a nice stay. I have seen recommendation to stay in your space before, but didn’t ever make time. It is helpful to stay in the space we are asking others to stay. Good way to self critique. Sending pray and well wishes to you all.


Best wishes for a quick recovery. Thanks so much for your willingness to be on the front lines of this war.


So far I’ve:

Half done re-grouting my Airbnb shower floor. I wasn’t able to do as through job as I’d planned because grinding the old grout out was creating a lot of dust and I’m saving my two N95 masks that I have for these sorts of jobs for an emergency. I tried other things like a wet bandana tied over my nose and mouth but decided to cut the project short. I think it will be okay. @RebeccaF I’ll add pics when complete.

I hired a new financial planner moving from some East Coast corporate elites to a friend of a friend who left Fidelity after 17 years to start a small firm with 3 others.

I’ve switched general practitioner docs to one that better suits my philosophy. No more giving money to people with values that are so far out of alignment with mine.

I got a new job as the gardener and home maintenance person for a friend who is hopefully temporarily residing in a nursing home.

I arranged with the next door neighbor to rebuild the rock wall between my house and his. Most homes in El Paso have yards fenced in the back with this locally quarried rock. This man does odd jobs for a living and has a special needs son. The wife works but I know nothing about her job. I’m sure he could use the money and him working on it won’t violate any lock down rules no matter how strict they get.

That’s it so far.


There’s other things you can notice staying your own listing besides things that are missing or that it would be helpful to have. Since cleaning usually happens during daylight hours, you or your cleaner wouldn’t be likely to ever notice a pile of dead bugs and dirt in ceiling light fixtures or wall sconces. But a guest lying in bed at night with the light on would.


Thank you KKC. I appreciate your response.

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Muddy, I know have the time to look. Will do.

Keeping busy. Learning to do things in new and different ways. Having the time to do things. Finding some silver linings.

Nearly finished painting our foyer. I don’t want to go out for new paint so have been creative in mixing paint we already have. My OH insists that we name the ‘new’ colors.

Assisting him with the garden and yard. Trying to grow different stuff this year, taking into account what has already become difficult to obtain in our area and bought some supplies for breadmaking and fermentation.

I’m semi-participating in an online poetry class and we are toying with the idea of making youtube videos with some characters we created many many years ago.

Spending a lot of time on the computer, more than ever really. We’ve applied for grants and benefits for my OH and got an emergency loan from our credit union.

I start doing some volunteer Tele-Health services for the State on Monday. I feel like I should join the medical reserve corps, but, honestly, I’m :chicken: I might get braver later, sometimes I do.

I’ve now “attended” 2 funerals online with a 3rd scheduled for next week. We also have an online “wedding” next week.

Watching Criminal Minds on Netflix. I never noticed how often they hug each other. We cringe every time. Basic crowd scenes seem odd and uncomfortable. Serial killers seem to be the least of the worry. lol.

Not leaving the house except for walking the dog. She seems particularly pleased with the consistency and increased length of the walks and that we never go somewhere and leave her alone anymore.

Catching up with people. More than I have in years. Had a Facetime Happy Hour with my cousin and her family. I highly recommend having a Facetime party. No designated driver required.

I am hoping to eventually do more reading, writing and art projects. It feels like there will be time.

Old habits die hard. I find myself looking out the window to see if the guests have arrived/are in. Trying to not bother my new tenants by “checking on them”. lol.


The real estate agents are going nuts here. Homes are being sold by video.

I have chores stacked up everywhere, so whenever I enter a room I have to decide what to do next.

I had to move the silverware chest and opened it… time to polish Grandma’s silver, table setting for 16 that I use about every 3 years. Even with tarnish protection inside chest, it’s slowly been turning just a little dark…

When you own an old house full of “heritage” you never run out of chores. When the silver’s done, there’s the trunk of old photos to sort out…


I had a high school home-ec teacher who said something I’ve never forgotten. She said if you have things like Grandma’s silver, use it! Why keep it packed away, only to haul it out once a year or 5 or to polish it- enjoy it all the time.

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I don’t have much in the way of free time - working from home now, husband lost his job on Tuesday, kiddo is homeschooling, and our house is closed for indeterminate time, BUT (!!!) I got outside to “work” in the yard for 7+ hours today and it was heaven. Just heaven! Beautiful day, happy worms around my plants, dirty fingernails . All the good stuff :heart::blossom:


I decided to go ahead with my bathroom remodel. I did 90% of the demolition and the contractors finished their part today. Now I expect to take several more weeks to finish up with details and get my house cleaned and put together. I’ll be ready to open my Airbnb for bookings within the week I think.

I’m not sure if this counts as an accomplishment or not. I had a huge delivery of perennial plants delivered this morning, but they’ve taken so long to arrive, I’d forgotten all about them!

Or perhaps I had had one to may glasses of :wine_glass: :beers:

Anyway, I have now begun to “accomplish” finding room to plant them out, which means digging up stuff I don’t like, or that has self seeded wildly. And it’s cold and windy out there today. This is a break for tea and cake!

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