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Things I'm Accomplishing During Lockdown

As we know the doom and gloom of this quarantine is depressing as hell. There really isn’t any silver lining in any of it except for the seeds of change and transformation.

Here is what I’ve transformed and am planning to change:

  1. I sold off my truck last week to a doomsday prepper and bought a used Nissan Leaf on the cheap. This will save me approximately $2,500 per year in maintenance, insurance and fuel costs. I also had plenty of extra money leftover to install a 50 amp car charger to the front of the house, which I will be adding as a feature to the Airbnb.

  2. Using my excess truck money and my tax return cash, I paid off all of my remaining credit card and medical debts.

  3. I got bids from roofers and I will be tearing off my entire roof, adding insulation (there currently isn’t any insulation), adding a vent fan and heater to the bathroom, and swapping out the old electrical wires which were unreachable above the ceiling. This will make heating and cooling in my Airbnb much more efficient and comfortable. It will also upgrade the 15 amp power installed in the 1940s to 40 amps, meaning no more tripped breakers and reduced insurance rates.

  4. Make more art! I bought a full case of glass, and I’ll be using all of my extra time to double the output of my neon glass art. I’ll be making lots of work that channels all of the anxiety I’m feeling.

  5. Disassembling, sanding and treating my bed boxes. Noting makes summer nicer than fresh bed boxes and this can be done pretty easily with the use of a planer tool and a few days of work.

  6. Cleaning out my entire basement. I have plenty of stuff I don’t need and lots of cleaning and organizing to take care of.

I’m not sure how things will be by the time mid May rolls around. But I know I’ll be feeling accomplished. What are you all doing with the “free” time allotted?


My free time hasn’t quite started but I expect it will soon. I’m seriously considering starting the remodel of my personal master bathroom. I can do most the demo for sure. Past that I’m not sure how far I’d go. There is no rush as I have two other bathrooms in the house.


I am a Leaf owner also! December 2019 so I could get the US tax credit that year. I had my electrician install a level 2 charger in the garage and I charge during the day when my solar panels are generating, shouting “Take that, electric company, bwahaha!” (Our monopolistic electric utility caps how much they will take of my solar generation, so they can keep egregiously billing me.) Side effect of shouting in my driveway, enforces social distancing from the neighbors.
I am letting the Airbnb suite sit for another week after my last guest left before I venture in there to sanitize, then I will do some touch up painting, and am replacing rotted boards on my back deck. Also spring yard work. Also with the paperwork, doing a massive file clean out; I’ve got 8 bags of paper to take to the shred facility when it reopens.


I’d really like to install solar panels. There’s plenty of used solar equipment around for cheap. Only issue is the battery cost. Even building it myself, I’d be looking at $1,200 for the battery alone. Thankfully energy is pretty cheap in my neck of the woods at $0.08/KWH, so I can take my time.

Can we see some of your neon work?
I think creating is a healthy compulsion at times like this.


Agreed. Creating has been a much needed relief valve. I don’t have many recents in my phone, But here is a cool thing I created for the Burning Cat Convention that was supposed to happen in May before it got cancelled.


I did this one a while ago, but it is still one of my faves:


These are both badass! Thanks for sharing. They’re beautiful!


When you buy your grandpa’s house, there’s a project everywhere you look!

But I’m first catching up on my bookkeeping to get ready to apply for a SBA disaster loan for my tour business and Fannie Mae forbearance (delayed payments) on my mortgage. I was supposed to start with US Census in mid-March but they have delayed hiring and training until at least April 1. I have a a feeling the Census will go into the fall before it’s done.

But after that I have veggie beds to prep once the ground thaws (still snow in the backyard house shadow), replacing some old security lights with LED ones, and painting one B&B room and the B&B kitchen, sand and refinish the kitchen table, partial recaulking of the B&B shower, recaulking my shower and (if I have the money) replacing the tub faucet in my shower, splitting and storing firewood, spring deep cleaning of the B&B rooms, and spring cleaning in my quarters.

Today’s chore was replacing the kitchen sink drain’s rubber gasket, about 30 years old, which hard hardened and cracked and was leaking under the sink and onto the kitchen floor… Fortunately a retired plumber neighbor loaned me the tools.


And all I’m accomplishing is playing the piano several times a day, getting out music I haven’t tried in ages.


Building a gorgeous tile table for the patio. keeps me busy! Plus lots of weeding and maybe planting!


All good ideas. Wish we had something big to sell. My husband and I signed up for SImLessity, a course on decluttering. Doing it together might finally work.


I am teaching myself to play the guitar. :grinning:


These are great projects!

  1. I’m caring for a cat who lives in an artist’s studio nearby - I can walk there, and this way the artist can stay out of the city and keep healthy (she’s older).
  2. Picking up public health research hours. I used to do it more, but changed careers. Now back in, working for free.
  3. Helping my partner deliver wine to people’s homes! It’s keeping his business alive, his staff at home, and citizens inside their house but still supporting a local, independent business.
  4. Fretting and washing my hands.
  5. Creating zines (small, disposable books) for guests that are topic-specific. One for local history, one outlining great food/beverage recommendations, one for arts recommendations, etc. Been on my list but haven’t had the creative time!

@NE10 Solar panels are on my list! I’m interested in hearing how your process goes.


Maybe my time off will start today. I still have one guest dog here through the week but I feel I can start cleaning and things won’t be instantly messed up again. I don’t have any bookings but technically remain open for limited situations.

As soon as I get my guitar tuned I can start on that. I tried the other day and I just couldn’t get it so I put it aside. Sometimes I have these mental blocks and I can’t seem to work my way past them so I just have to stop and try again later.


Weeding; I can’t bend down for long so, at long last, I’m learning to use a hoe.

All garden centres/nurseries are now closed but I’ve just, eventually, managed to order bedding plants on line. My bit for the community in the village is to ensure my wall baskets, under the windows out front, are brightly tumbled and jumbled this year.

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If you need a “piano” for accurate notes, this one is in tune! https://www.apronus.com/music/flashpiano.htm


Pulled out my heavy duty steam cleaner and cleaning the grout in my 27’ x 16’ kitchen floor. I’m on day 4 and half way through the project. Going faster now that I pulled out my low automotive stool on wheels - saved my knees. I love doing tedious jobs where you can obviously see a huge difference between dirty and clean.


Let me at it! I’m a ruthless minimalist.

Sure wish I could get work done but my Airbnb is a whole house rental , not in my home , and we can’t go the 75 miles up there because we have a stay at home order with only essential travel.

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