Things I Never Thought I Would Have To Put in Print That Guests Have Done

No space heater should ever be plugged into any extension cord or power strip. Ever.

I thought @Berkshiresgal might come back and clarify but until or unless she provides some indication that the heavy duty extension cord was approved or recommended by a licensed electrician I hope no one reading here thinks it’s a good idea.

My electrician hates all extension cords and I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on new receptacles to reduce my use of them after hearing of a friends house fire caused by an extension cord. 17 pets and fosters died of smoke inhalation. It’s not a risk I’d like to take.

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This drives me nuts! We live in Belize and ac is very expensive. We have it outlined in our guestbook and have reminded guests!

Ha ha ha @marimages, this is a wonderful post, please make this a numbered list in order to have more fun. With ‘No naked, or half naked men at the indoor dinner table, put on a T shirt, or even half a T shirt !’, you recalled a memory of mine, when a neighbor across the street asked me to forbid my good-looking male guests to show up in the balcony half-naked because he was having a young wife…

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