The Terrible Guests - and it's us!

I do think all Airbnb hosts should spend time also as guests - it’s a salutary experience that can demonstrate that even with the best intentions, guests can end up being, well, somewhat less than stellar (5, that is) …

We are just back from our annual visit to Cape Town and our crimes were

  • breaking the (not very well-fitting) lid of a casserole dish. (so of course we had to buy a whole new dish …)

  • spilling red wine over a white towel (don’t ask how … but at least we learnt that the ONLY way to remove red wine from fabric is to stretch it over a bowl and pour boiling water over it. Then wash in Oxy. Ignore advice involving lemon and salt.

  • Telling the owner the Wi-Fi wasn’t working, so that he kindly drove across town to show us how to, um, switch it on …

  • somehow detaching the fiddly wooden rod thingy that controls the slats of the wooden blind (now fixed - phew!) And finally …

  • each thinking the other had the keys of the apartment and so locking ourselves out.

Luckily we stay at that apartment regularly and our hosts love us, but I think if we had been first-time guests they might not have thought us worth the trouble!


As the cartoon character Pogo notoriously said “We have met the enemy and he is us.”



(aww) You are good people!

Thanks for sharing.

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Absolutely. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if part of the search algorithim included your ratings as a guest? (well maybe not for you, lol) Or just included that you also use it as a guest.

I spilled red wine on my carpet. I blotted up as much as I could with paper towels and then poured my Oxyclean mixture on it. Instant stain removal. For dried stains I don’t know how quickly it would work.


Maybe we should all switch to white wine :wink:


I was just thinking…my other half has spilled red wine, Bloody Mary (enhanced and darkened with Worcestershire and hot sauce), juicy hot wings, honey Asian wings, spaghetti sauce…you name it…on various carpets. I’ve never.

They say opposites attract.


Oh, no. I’d rather remove all the carpet. :wink:


Oh, a die-hard…or is it, dye-hard <get it? (har-har) :grin:



I’m with you—I love OXY clean.
It is the best cleaner ever for organic (wine, food, grass, blood) stains. It goes a good job with grease too.

Check out the America’s Test Kitchen video on YouTube about “best cleaner for chef aprons”. They tested 6 or 8 different stain removers—Oxyclean beat then all.

On a separate video I found a recommendation for dried stains on carpet of: mix Oxyclean & water; generously spray on the stain, blot up 2-6 hours later or use a wet/dry vac or the suction only of a home carpet cleaner to get the moisture & stain out. The longer it stays in contact with the stain, the better the stain is removed.

I use the power in my laundry whenever my front-load washer gets that “funky washer” smell.

I keep Oxyclean spray in each of my rentals.

Oooppsss. I sound like a commercial. I promise I’m not. I just love a product that actually works.


LAs Totally Awesome is the only thing that really works on all stains. Try it, it’s a lifesaver.

Or red carpet.



The best solution yet! Or, as part of our welcome message we can ask guests what color wine they like and change out the carpets depending on their preferences. :wink:


I’m pouring some now. It’s been a long day.


Very funny read!! Thanks Malagachica. Where did you stay? I am going to Cape Town in February

@KRLLA We usually stay in Green Point most of the time - our son lives in Sea Point. Have you booked somewhere to stay? We have a few places we could recommend if not …

Actually we have booked. We are first time travelers to Cape Town and
are staying a month for a winter escape from northern New England USA.
It was a hard decision but we picked this place as it seemed to be
central and had a porch to sit and gaze at the Mts. Its in "Soulful"
Bo-Kaap. And the price was right for our budget. We are not renting a
car so wanted to stay near the downtown. Hoping to rely on bus and do
some tours. Do you know if the trains safe? Hope we were not wrong. :frowning:

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That is such a cool looking place. I love the character of it. The picture of the house in 1890 was awesome. @CatskillsGrrl look!

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Ooohhhh! Thank you, @KKC for bringing this to my attention. It is really special. Faved!

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Hi @KRLLA I’ve sent you a P.M.

Totally agree & enjoyed hearing of your challenges. wink: