The Super Bowl on a Roku System?

Does anyone know about accessing the Stupor Bowl? I have no idea how it’s watched and if it’s possible for my guests to get it with our Roku TV. We do have a Sling subscription and I am totally fine paying for it if there is a pay-per-view option. It’s just way outside my familiarity so would appreciate any ideas. I’d like to help the guests the best I can, thanks!

The Super Bowl is on Fox so however you get your local channels is how you get it.

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You can install the Fox Sports app and the guests can get it if they have a cable or satellite subscription, but they would already need to have their Fox Sports account setup.

Edit: nevermind, I just saw there is some dispute between Fox and Roku that may prevent this.

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Guests could use their own subscription and cast to TV. In Canada I have Bell Fibe TV which I cast with chromecast attached to my Roku smart tv.

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Edit: Also have DAZN for NFL which is a streaming channel for sports.

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Do you have guest who is asking? A local antenna should pick it up. I keep a couple of HD antennas I got on amazon around for emergencies and my outdoor TV only has the free broad cast channels.

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You might want to look at this before hoping to watch the Super Bowl on Roku:


We only get a couple of local channels through the Sling subscription. We don’t have the TVs hooked up to antennas. However, I do have an antenna that we used before we moved here. I could try it but am not hopeful because of where the TV is an the apartment being on the 1st floor in a big plaster building. We had the antenna and TV next to a window when we last used it. It’s worth a try and it’s a great idea! Maybe I will get an antenna that could work for these kinds of things - I remember a website that recommended antennas specific to your address and placement of TV. I’ll look it up. Thanks!

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If by chance your guests have an xfinity cable account, all Roku devices now have a (free) xfinity app (you have to download it to the Roku) that works just like the DVR/Cable box. It is in BETA right now, but it works great. You can even record and watch your DVR recordings as well as live TV. Right now this app is exclusive to ROKU, other streaming devices don’t have it.

I ditched my second cable box and am saving $10 a month using the app instead.

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Okay, thanks for everyone’s help!! I went off the deep-end thanks to @bigappledude 's news story. One thing led to another and I think I’m going to ditch Sling and get Fubo which will take care of the big game on Sunday and generally be a better service for us.

Coincidentally, my Sling subscription is due on Feb 15 so it’s good timing to switch. Because of the market we are in, Sling doesn’t provide any local channels and that seems to be more of a problem than I thought it would be. If it was just for me, I’d probably hook-up an antenna for the OTA channels but I don’t want antennas junking up the apartments and the inconsistency of antenna signals would probably stress me out if guests were depending on them. I think the only things guests have requested from me that I couldn’t provide were games and shows on Fox and SNL on NBC and Fubo will solve both of those.

These were both cool resources I found during my delving into the streaming services. I’m posting in case anyone else is looking into them.

in general:

Super Bowl specific:

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In my word-of-mouth property, I get requests for sports access. Unfortunately my Aerowave antenna is hemmed in by rowhouses to the side, rowhouses to the back. Stuck it to the window and all we could watch was a puppy channel and some low-production value Judge Judy type show. Oh well, guess I have to send the handyperson up to the roof and put another hole in the wall.