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The problem with long-term guests

…is that I want to go up and move things around and add things I’ve been picking up like baskets for organizing linens, or the new futon cover. And then the frustration that no bookings are coming in, even though I’m booked solid for 30 days out, lol. I have great guests and I appreciate the big chunk of change when they come, and it’s so much less work. But since I’m doing better mentally this week (I deal with cyclical depression), I want to fiddle around up there, and not clean the bathrooms in my own house. Part of the problem is it’s ridiculously hot right now, so there’s nothing to do but waste too much time on the computer.


Do you have an agreement with them for regular cleanings during the stay or anything along those lines? They may find the new items just as interesting as you do?

I have a basket where they put linens and I wash regularly. And her kids are sleeping on the futon, so that would be wasted, lol. But when the pizza pan and the extra wash-cloths she recommended come in tomorrow, I may message her that I’ve got some goodies to bring up and get them set up.

What’s hard is some days I do great, and some days I don’t want to get out of bed. Getting my apartment set up was a great project when I was doing well, and thankfully my bad days coincided with when they got here and it was low-maintenance. But now I’m doing well, and need a project. I just need to clean my own house, but what’s the fun in that when the kids will just mess it up.

HI @Sarah_Warren,

If you want to do something related to your listing, you could plan improvements. I find that is a great time waster.

Or you could go dancing! That’s always a good option.

I’m not getting any new bookings coming in either. It’s been about a week since I got any new bookings.

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I think that’s the worst part. I feel like I’m doing something wrong. But of course, I’m booked until the end of summer. And most interested in my place would want more than a night or two stay. I know I should be happy I don’t have tons of random requests for a 1 night stay all the time, but I want validation dammit, lol.

I had blocked off 2 days awhile back between guests for “mental sanity”, but my current mental state wants the inquiries and bookings. So does my checkbook.

Hi @Sarah_Warren,

Yes, I can relate. I want validation too. Dammit. Oh, and the money.

Some people seem to get a lot of activity. I was looking at some chap in downtown Boston. He’s almost full through October. Then again, Boston is a big tourist town.

I could try doing some advertising. Though I don’t know if it would make a difference.

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Start with just the bathroom sink and mirror. Clean that. Then wait 30 minutes and go for the toilet. Clean that. Then go for the tub in 30 minutes. And in half an hour go for the floor. Then, after a couple of hours at least one bathroom will be sparkling clean and you will hopefully feel better. Since you can’t go upstairs and play around…use that energy to make small accomplishments in your own space. At least for today…:slight_smile:

Then when the guests leave, your house will be clean…and you get to play upstairs!!


The story of my life. My boys are 21 and home from college. My house upstairs is so small, there is no room for their suitcases and clothes. It looks like a bomb went off in the baggage claim area. I have to live with it until it’s time for them to leave again. Then it will be clean around here but too quiet in the empty nest. Empty nest brings on a weird depression that I’m still not entirely used to.


Another candidate for going dancing!

You’ve got a local Swing Dance Club! You lucky thing.
I would kill for a local Swing Dance Club.

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Before converting our appt into an Air, we had a friend and her son living there. I would watch her son with my kids while she went swing dancing once a week. I want to go swing dancing (but not really. Some days I don’t want to leave my house). While I totally get that as a single mom you need to have time for yourself that’s not work, but I don’t get to just drop my 4 kids on someone to go do random stuff. Maybe I need to. I just feel guilty about it.

You definitely should. Everyone needs to get out occasionally, at least. Of course, Swing Dancing won’t work if you don’t like Swing Dancing. Not everyone does. It’s a mystery to me why not, but it’s definitely true.

Don’t you have friends/neighbors with kids who can take care of your kids while you go out occasionally?

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That’s on another island! :smiley:

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Oh. Is it far away? Here’s another link - http://www.hawaiiforvisitors.com/activities/dancing.htm
Though I imagine you can do your own searching.

Nothing on your island then?

My older two are at camp next week, so I plan to see if grandparents can take the younger two at least a few hours each next week. I want to go to the botanical garden by myself! With the older kids at home I can take a walk or have some time to myself because my 10 and 8 year olds are awesome and great baby-sitters for my 2 and 4 yos. But next week it will be all toddler, all my myself!

If you’re single, doing something social would be nice. And generally swing dancing is low pressure, friendly, and safe. Just as an example. Then again, knitting circles work for some people.

Nah, I’m not single, happily married. Doesn’t mean I don’t need to go do things by myself though! Right now (since my 10 year old is awesome and responsible), my usually “me time” is grocery shopping… Or spending too much time online.

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There is a group in town but honestly it’s not really my cuppa tea. I’d rather do my hip hop class if I am going to take a regular dance class. The guys you meet in the ballroom classes are all…too old for me!

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Ah, my mistake. I guess i was misled by

but in hindsight you were clearly talking about your friend.
But married women can go dancing too. Take your husband!

Indeed it doesn’t.

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Ten years ago my local swing dance club was a bunch of creeps…no way Jose!!

I don’t even know if it still exists.

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That’s a shame. Creeps how? NC isn’t a terribly good dance scene except for the Triangle. And possibly Charlotte. Most of the rest of it doesn’t really have the population density to support a decent dance scene. Plus, maybe the local population is too conservative. But that’s speculation.

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