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The problem with long-term guests

I think this deserves an LOL. :slight_smile:

I don’t really know what hip hop is.

I miss having my gym membership and the free childcare. But sadly we’ve moved and the gym that has childcare is no longer conveniently located. Another stay or two and I’m joining the community center and my 10 YO can babysit during nap time. I love my 10YO, gonna miss him at camp!

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Oh-oh…sounds like you might be too old. [grin]

Exactly Faheem! I’m in a town of 1300 year round residents…this isn’t Charlotte! - lol

I can really relate - I’m sure many of us do. Getting bookings can be a bit of a high (“they like me!”) and no bookings can feel like rejection. My husband gets a text, and I get an email when requests come in. Before we were booked up it was so fun - his phone would chime, then mine, and we knew it was airbnb. It was so exciting in the early days.

I still do check my phone first thing every day.

And yes, we had a long term guest our 4th & 5th month. It really slowed things down and I had no way of knowing if it was seasonal or if it was because we were booked, or if our business was flopping- so I regrettedit, though we did love the guest. He was great.

We also had a lot of improvements to make, even adding a bathroom. Now we have profit to make, lol, so we have to stop wandering around TJ Maxx finding fun things to add to the space!!

Air came into my life at a particularly difficult time relationaly. Having guests ‘like me’ was such a boost. However, when a host gave me an undeserved crappy review, it slayed me. We can’t live-and-die by the sword of Airbnb, lol!

It does even out over time. It becomes more of a job. The charming guests from France become just people that need to check-out so you can get the rooms cleaned for the friendly family from the Netherlands…The sad thing no projects last forever. The shine on new toys does wear off… Now the mom of this new family really wants to talk and connect but I don’t have the emotional energy to connect like that any more. I just don’t.

I hope that helps - and/or fits with what you are saying.


Yep that’s it! And I know down the line I’ll appreciate the laid back, no hassle, long-term guest (not a crappy one though).

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