The one month stay airbnb guests

Wondering for those hosts that had guests for a month stay, how often did you utilize your house cleaner for the stay and how did you incorporate it?. Ie. Did you mention to the guests that the cleaner would drop by every week or so?.
Thanks for any info:)

Thanks for your booking. As you are staying for a month, Ithaca will be serviced on Mondays at 10. The service includes a Change of bed linen and towels, a bathroom and kitchen clean, dusting, vacuuming and mopping. If this time is not convenient could you please advise as the change needs to be scheduled.


This sounds good, thanks!

I offer guests housecleaner but they must pay for her. Most guests don’t want it. Honestly I am surprised . I have 4 bedroom house and usually rent it to workers . Present workers started with 5 people , now it’s 7. They brought in 2 additional folding Beds. They will stay for 2.5 months total. My cleaner charges 80$, 100$ with changing beds.
They are remodeling high end houses in Miami. Paid me what I asked without arguing. What is 15$ each a week to have a piece of mind and have house cleaned by someone.
But they refused.
This week my house where I live is empty as everyone left for Thanksgiving .I don’t need it cleaned by my regular cleaner . I asked the guys at the pool house If they want to have the house cleaned and I will pay for it. They refused . My husband went there last week to get some tools and he said these are so far the cleanest guests ever. Obviously they clean themselves .
I guess they refused because they have some valuables there .
With those who want a cleaner I ussualy text a day ahead to confirm

My rate won’t support having a cleaner come in weekly. I give guests options

  1. They clean the unit
    2 here’s the contact info for a cleaner they can contract with her directly.
    3 if guest is business traveler & needs it to go through Airbnb, we can arrange a cleaning schedule and I can submit it as extra charge in Airbnb (No one has opted for that yet)

The race to the bottom is in full force here. The number or rentals have easily tripled in the past 2 years. In my home area there are several full home rentals at ridiculously low nightly prices.

I can compete with the pricing if I do longer term rentals. I’ve carved out a niche for 1-3 month rentals for families moving or people in town to do contract work.


I do longer rentals. Right now I’ve got one that’s for two months. It’s two guys here for work. They are engineers doing maintenance on a local power plant. They’ve stayed with me before.

Here’s my rule for the longer short term rentals—I do a weekly linen change. I go in, strip and change the beds, remove the dirty sheets and towels and put out fresh ones. I’ll check the bathrooms to see if the toilet needs a quick clean. I’ll empty the trash if it needs it. In and out in an hour.

I only charge one cleaning fee of $40, and that fee is to clean the house between guests. Luckily, all the longer term, short term rental guests I’ve had have been reasonably neat and clean.

I coordinate the linen change with the guests and do it at their convenience. That can be difficult, especially with the two guys I have right now, because they work opposite shifts so one of them is usually home. We have always been able to work things out though. The weekly linen change sometimes happens in 6 days, or it might get stretched to 8 or 9 days, depending on their schedules and mine. But it gets done, and my linens don’t get ruined from ground in body oils or dirt. I’m sure the guys appreciate the clean linens and not having to wash the sheets and towels themselves, since they work 12 hour shifts.

I tell the guest the cleaning fee they pay is for after they leave and if they want a weekly cleaning there’s a fee but I also let them know where the clean linens and vacuum are and if they do their own change-overs, let me know and I get the dirty linens and take out the trash for them for no fee.

I arrange it with the guest and do it when it’s convenient for them. Most guests prefer it to be done when they are out.

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As was recently discussed in another thread I would want to do a weekly clean and I wouldn’t give them a choice about it. Reduce the monthly discount or charge them or do what ever you need to do to get in there to take a look around. Showers become scummy, drains get clogged, dirt gets ground into rugs, stains set in, garbage doesn’t get taken out, counters don’t get cleaned and now the mice and ants come in, etc.


I would not host a guest for a month, where I live at 30 days they become tenants. No thank you.

Good luck



I’ve been hosting for 11 months now. Seven of those months were occupied by two different long term guests. One was a college student working his internship and the other was a contract engineer.
Honestly it didn’t occur to me to offer to come in and
clean the unit (it’s a cozy trailer ) when it was rented.
We do offer unlimited use of the laundry room with all cleaning products included.
It’s interesting to read how other hosts offer cleaning,
Housekeeping etc… Possible I’m going about it in a wrong way??

My listing specifies that I clean between guests only. During their stay, the guest is responsible for keeping the house clean.


Whatever is right for you is right for you. But cleaning during the stay means that you can keep an eye on the place, make sure that the guest is looking after the property, keep bedding and towels fresh and so on. It means that when the guests leave and the next guests are due, the work required is the same as an ordinary short term turnover.

One of the problems with long term guests is that they see the place as ‘home’ and sometimes treat it as such. For example, a neighbour had a three month tenant who took it upon himself to paint the bedroom walls dark green and the furniture dark brown. It looked terrible, as you can imagine.

But if it’s not important to you, there’s no right and no wrong.


I do long term. I don’t clean rooms. The exception is if we are doing maintenance in the room, or if they are ill. People like their privacy.


We’ve had several one or 2 month stays, people relocating to the area or here on internships and I don’t clean for them during their stay. My rule is that I clean for your arrival and I clean up after you leave but everything else in between is on you (our market only goes for $25 -$30 a night). Now granted, we have a shared household environment so if anyone was redecorating the room we would likely know about it.


Only ever had one whole month booking. Never again.

Agreement was they would do own cleaning (supplies provided) and washing of linens/towels, and a spare set provided.

They didn’t. A few towels and bathmat ended up in the bin.

Eleven day max now.


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Wow, your place is gorgeous! Congratulations.


Please water/look after the plants or let me know if you would like someone to come in and water them for you.

You will find we have left you some supplies of toiletries and condiments to get you started.

If you would like the housekeeper to come in during your stay and change the beds, towels, deep clean the spa and do a general clean up please let me know and I will arrange it.

The cost is $35 an hour with a minimum of two hours. Please pay the cleaner cash by leaving it on the kitchen bench or directly to them if you are at home.

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Thank you - which one did you like?

I don’t stalk! But I searched for Deb and Ithaca and was very impressed.