The new airbnb "rules" for rates

Has anyone seen the new calendar set-up allowing hosts to set up “rules” for pricing? I found it confusing, what do you think?

No, what would an example be?

It’s similar to the booking dot com calendar interface (ribbon style) and you can set “rules” that apply to specific dates. For example, we have a festival in April and while our norm would be two nights minimum, for that week I have a rule that says four nights minimum only between the 14th and 22nd.

Well worth having a play with it, it’s definitely an improvement.


I only ever go there every few months to update dates for events (and I can usually do a yearsworth at a time) so I’ve not been there to notice anything new. But weren’t there always some variations like that?

Must check it out today - sounds good!


The previous calendar didn’t have the flexibility of saving a rule and then being able to apply it at different times. You can set up rules for pricing, length of stay discounts, minimum days etc.

We’ve two apartments and it’s saved me a bit of time today as we just opened up dates for several events and I have saved rules for pricing and minimum days. Few clicks and job done on both calendars, which are now visible on the screen at the same time. Helps me pick up where I’ve made an arse of things previously like forgetting to put on an increase for an event.

It’d be so easier if we could load prices for a year but where we are dates come out throughout the year.
Even major events like the Jerez horse festival wasn’t announced until recently as Jerez and Sevilla were fighting over who should have which days!


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I don’t see anything different except a discount for people who book in advance (beta). That is a bignothingburger unless they “make it book in advance with no chance of a refund.” I find the farther in advance people book the more likely they are to cancel. I don’t even open my calendar for more than 3 months at a time and I wish there was an auto setting to open it for even less.

I still don’t see a pet fee either.

Am I looking in the wrong place or am I not part of the test group?

If you can’t see anything about creating rules then I suspect it may be getting rolled out geographically or by some other criteria. The early bird discount is fully functioning for us if we wanted to use it, no longer in “beta”.


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@KKC I’m not seeing it either so must be being rolled out.

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I’m in Belize and have had this calendar for some months. It scrolls left and right and lists all listings correct? After selecting dates I can either add a rule I have already saved, or I can add a new rule. I like it.

Are you referring to this? I started a thread on it a year ago.
Others did not see it at the time. I have used it for the last year & love it.

I’m in France and don’t seem to have this functionality, though it looks really cool! I hope they roll it out for all hosts.

In Spain we got it about two months ago, or maybe three, so does look like a gradual roll out.