New feature - Rule Sets

Just found this on my multi-calendar view.

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@jumoe. Can you be more specific? WHERE on your multi-calendar did you find this? I don’t see if on mine at all. [USA, desktop, Safari browser]

And its not on mine in the UK

Couldn’t find it on mine either (Canada).

I feel like I must have a special version of airbnb! I keep seeing things others can’t see.
I am in the USA.
This is on the multi-calendar page.

I’m in Southeast USA. I don’t have it yet. HOWEVER my calendar has a different look than it did last week and requires slightly different navigation.


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I would say airbnb-in-usa…but…all the following are in the USA…
My nieces airbnb has the Rule sets.
My sisters airbnb has the Rule sets.
My husbands airbnb page has a totally different looking interface - he has no listings open, but even the coloring at the top left where the airbnb logo is - it is teal and says “hosting”, where as none of the others have text.

Maybe you only see the rule sets if you have multiple listings open - therefore have the multi-calendar?

So, the Rule Sets open up when you select a specific date? a range of dates? Obviously, I can see that you have a popup menu, but not how you got it to pop up. When I select dates, I get either a “reservation” or a standard “available/blocked/set price” dialog popup.

I just finished writing a guest review and then had a pop-up come up and point out the new Rule Sets info. and “New Calendar”. I have multiple listings, just as an fyi. Also there’s an option to click for the tutorial on how it works.

It is just hanging out on the right side of the multicalendar. You can “>” it to make it “hide” and “<” to make it show again.

Rule sets popped into my calendar today. I have 3 units, 1-NC & 2-SC USA.

I’m setting up a new rental in High Point NC for my Dad. The defaults are Instant Book & Flexible Cancellation. I can see how new hosts will fall into using these without understanding the implications.

On the positive side, the calendar is easier to block days and navigates more easily for multiple listings.

Dad wants to rent his entire home during the International Furniture Market in October & May only so 2-4 weeks a year so I appreciate the new ease of blocking dates.

Rule sets appeared, then disappeared about a week ago for me. It’s a REAL TIME SAVER, but like the Calendar from a year ago, that allowed us to search date ranges for check-ins, check-outs, and vacancies, IT’S GONE. Airbnb gives us GOOD STUFF and then TAKES IT AWAY, just to make it more difficult when our lives are getting easier. I’m on hold with them now, for almost 20 minutes, because the agent has NO IDEA what rules sets are. SMH.

I can see it on browsers Chrome and Opera and Internet Explorer.
I can NOT see it on browser Edge.
Maybe try a different browser?

This may be one of those regional changes. In SE USA rules not in the multi calendar in Explorer & not in Chrome However how to access and use Rules still in Help, I hope it comes back.