The most important for me is private bathroom, how to search?

Sorry folk I always just type away and start with what I am thinking. I am starting a 10 day trip and we (hubby and myself) are willing to go private room, but must have is private bathroom. THIS is impossible to find. any suggestions? I have three southern places that I am looking at and this trip is for October.

By private bathroom, do you mean one that you don’t share with anyone else or do you mean one that is connected to your bedroom so that you don’t have to walk through the public area of the house to use it? Some listings state the details of the bathroom. However, as it’s so important to you, you should email the host to ask and/or confirm. Also, make sure to tell the host how important this is to you.

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Hi @Carmen, A Private bathroom is something I insist upon when traveling and hosting also.
I don’t think there is a filter on the ABB search feature for private bathroom, so I have to agree with @EllenN, reading the entire listing and messaging the host is required.
I do mention that guests have a private bathroom at least 3 times in my listing.

What an amazing thing - you can find out if there is a lap-top friendly surface (my kids and I always crack up at that one, and if it’s not checked, we make funny growling noises, as if there’s a surface being un-friendly to some poor laptop…)

But not if there’s a private bath?! Hold on! That’s crazy!!


South of US? Or other? What towns? I know of a fabulous airbnb in Mobile, AL.

Ideally it would be a private on suite, but basically a bathroom that is dedicated to us only. We just want to be able to use it in the early morning hours since we will be out all day and then in the evening. My hubby is in his late 50’s and needs the use of the bathroom frequently at night so basically we always get a small entire place but we are considering private room if it has a private bathroom as well.

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I think if there was this filter (with the low Airbnb prices) listings with shared bathroom would just not exist anymore hahahaa

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I need places in Savannah, Cary NC, and St. Augustine. Hubby’s brother is in poor health so we are do a vacation and mercy mission since we are going to whip up my OCD cleaning and get his place cleaned up and make it better for him. Also my hubby has been warned by HR that he HAS to take vacation since he has 8 weeks accumulated and he will begin to lose it soon.

I’m sorry about your brother-in-laws health. Good luck cleaning the place up - I would be deeply happy to have someone like you do that for me if I were ill.

It’s hard searching for places on airbnb because they are all so different!! I was searching for a place for my family of 5 recently - “bring your own linens” or “guest must launder all linens before leaving” or other odd-ball things - makes it exhausting. What airbnb host wants to put sheets on a bed upon arrival?! Maybe it’s because I’m on a budget; I don’t know.

Good luck with the search and the trip!

I saw a listing with a $ 75 cleaning fee. On top of that, the host expected the guests to wash the linens and towels in a laundromat a couple of blocks away before they checked out, because “she didn’t have time.”


Airbnb just added a new feature to choose the size of bed offered, how many and if the bathroom is private or shared. It may take awhile for hosts to add this information however. It came as a message to my dashboard this morning


Here’s the new alert to add private bathroom feature, I now have it on my listing.

That’s completely f**ked up.

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Let’s me add "private@ for bathroom type, but not bed size.

Did you get the alert? On your dashboard? Your screen shot looks different than mine.

No, I have not received the alert! Wish I would!

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I just saw this as well I adjusted this for my listing but if you had not stated this I would not have known. I will see if I can view listings with this feature.


@Carmen Good luck. I have just recently altered my listing title to “K9 Karma Casa w/ ensuite bathroom & close to 1-10” I was trying to think of what would be important to me if I were just passing through a place and close to the freeway and private bathroom would be two of the most important. I hope everyone knows what en suite means.

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Just found this under my ‘basics’ and listed mine as ‘private bath’. However, I don’t see it as an option when searching. In fact I see it no where on my listing. It has the beds picture, but nothing that says ‘private bath’.

I did not get an alert, either.

@KKC - good thought. My heading did say ‘2 bedrooms/1.5 bath/hot breakfast’ but I changed it to '2 bedrooms/private bath/hot breakfast.

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