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The guests who you just can't wait for them to LEAVE

I have a had a couple staying with me these past 4 days buts it’s felt like a week, they haven’t done anything really wrong , but they are just those guests who are so net picky, and they just take over the common spaces like the kitChen, sit there all day and completely over took my fridge stuffed it with so much food. And I just can’t take them anymore and they have minor complaints. They have had a negative review but they instant booked with me. Just so glad they leave

Have you guys had guests who you just can’t wait for them to leave ?

Hell yes!!! And mine rent a private space! Some people are just annoying. We don’t choose them like we do our friends. So the vibe, energy and chemistry is off. We just tolerate each other. I have had many many guests that were “countdown” ones… I just hope they can’t sense me “counting.” :wink:

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Nope not yet. Been lucky, not saying I haven’t had issues though. :slight_smile:

As for kitchen, I give access to everything but most never use it. They get takeaways or something.

That’s excalty the feeling I get. I don’t get a Good vibe of them. You put my exact feelings into words

Only with a friend lol! Not all but some are just annoying and self absorbed. We didn’t invite her she invited herself! As for Airbnb–
We don’t use instant book for that reason, I like to sniff them out. And I’m thinking of limiting our stays to 3 days. Of course, it depends on the reason for the visit. We get very few who actually hang out. Mostly they’re gone. Also, don’t allow cooking or offer kitchen and don’t include laundry room either. Our destination is full of good restaurants and it’s a reason people come.

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I came to this forum because of this exact reason: people who took over my house. ANd what i learned here:speak up!! The fact itself that they dont undersrtand its not their house but yours is good enough to ask them to leave.
Unless you are desperate for money. DOnt know if i could handle another guests like them one more time even if i was starving.
One shelf in a fridge for them, and thats it. Be very specific. Put in your rules: common spaces are to be used sparingly because we live in this house too.
I just had 2 guys staying for 8 days. Sweetest, cleanest guests ever. One thing they did is watch their little TV in a kitchen. It was fine for me but when i had another guest upstairs, it became a problem. She called me saying that its very noisy in a house and she needs to prepare for court, she said, guys though lovely are always on a kitchen laughing and watching TV.
I called guys immediately and told them that it needs to stop or they are welcome to find something else. I reffered them to my rules when i speciffically mentioned hangin outs in common areas.
Of course they did not like it, but… they obeyed and we parted friends.
Just keep in mind that you are the boss, not your guests. Though we want to be gracious toward guests but we are in total power to not let them to take over our houses


WOnder why they had bad review, lol

I have the same problem, these guests went grocery shopping the day before they left and packed my fridge full of Thier food …when I clearly only have 1 shelf available to airbnb guests. Also when they left they emptied out my ice bin and took the ice with them. Kind made me mad they did that without asking . Wouldntn have minded if they have asked for it

Write to them that its not ok to do, they need to know

Yes, we sure have. This one young man was adhd, or something - always always always moving, talking, moving, in-and-out the door over and over - once at 5 a.m. he was going in, out, in, out, clomping away in his dress shoes. Each time the storm door is closing very loudly. I finally jumped out of bed, through on my big blue fuzzy bathrobe, stomped out to the street (he was walking up and down) and shouted “SAM! STOP SLAMMING THE DOOR!!!”. He looked so stunned - he didn’t have a clue. Still loved 'em, but yeah, he drove us crazy.

But like @Yana_Agapova said, you have to be the boss. It’s really hard. I just try to remember that, in a hotel, there’s the reception desk, the maids, the breakfast staff…and the security guard. We always want to be the reception staff, never the security guard.

Hang in there, hopefully the next guest or two will help you forget all the annoyance.

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Well, lucky You! I forbid the kitchen use and I’m still stuck whit the guests asking to use it. I also work from home, and the otherwise lovely guest want to spend all their time in our living-space talking to us. i know it is the point for some of the Air…guests --to know the people - that would be totally be my wish:)). And as we’ve just began our journey in this business, I’d like to share the experience that we’ve also had our DREAM-guest!!! He was our first business-man guest - and we adored him!!! Without him and this forum I would have dropped out! Thanks again all of you!


I don’t really talk much to my guests. A lot of them go out so I don’t really see them. And when they are in they just go in their bedroom. I have my living room banned. It’s just my space. They have access to kitchen, bathroom and garden. My current guest I’ve talked to a lot, but he’s a host also, so it’s mainly been about that.

We really don’t have a good layout for guests: the kitchen/living/dining area are open plan and the bathrooms are next to our bedrooms. And even the bedroom doors have been closed, the guest have opened the doors for their questions: so it’s very hard to set boundaries… it would be easier to have a separate apartment!

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Yeah thats a pain. All my rooms are seperated by hallways. So boundaries are easy.

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yes, several.
Just recently an older couple from usa. As soon as they arrived in the apt, the guy asked could he have one of our beers, now usually we would offer, but asking straight out was too forward. Throughout their stay they didnt go out till near 4pm, came back at 10pm. They had many demands ie, wanted separate bedding (We advertise as a double bed). They wanted sheets other than a duvet, so I went out and bought more sheets (We only usually use fitted). The male argued with us about cooking a meat pizza, also wanted to put half in the fridge. We explained NO, we are strict veggies and its in our rules plain and clear that we dont allow meat and kitchen for cooking is out of use. He said they never read rules. I could go on, just to forward, taking over my space. I’m fed up with people who give the feeble excuse they havent read rules. It;s sent to them at least a couple of times from Air, and also they can see it on my profile.
They stayed a few nights. It also felt longer. You said they already had a negative review? what was it?

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That is so very rude and obnoxious!

Hehe, well, they better start reading those rules if they want to stay in people’s houses.
I have the same situation, i am vegeterian and dont allow any animal cooking in my house. I do not forbid eating or storing though. AT one point i did not allow people to use my kitchen at all. Now, i am aiming toward longer stays and i understand that i can not have both: long term guests who never cook. I have this young guy staying with me now for a month, possibly 2. He just finished studying and found his first job. He told me how expensive it is for him to eat out all the time. He cooks, but respectfull of me being vegeterian, and cleans really well after himself.
His girlfriend who lives separate comes on a weekends and cooks for him. SHe is vegeterian also, lucky me, and from Brasil. She cooked last weeekend amazing dishes, and shared with me, and quite a a bit.

Guests like these i only welcome. My mad cooks from Chili who i had in the very begining of hosting, scared me to the point that when i heard word “cooking” i was having panic attacks.
Now , i changed my kitchen rules again to a “very light cooking”. I am still being asked if kitchen is for full use, and i still have to additionaly explain despite the fact that its written right there in my rules very detailed, that cooking is very limited to non time consuming meals.


What a turd. I can’t even imagine asking for food I’m not offered when at a FRIENDS house.

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I hope Yana you have a guest like you do at present. Here Here to the Veggies !! lol
We used to allow kitchen use, but it got crazy, with people not understanding rules about no meat/ fish dishes.
We found people were just chancers and tried to take advantage off our kind nature. Yes, we are kind but not disloyal to what we believe in. We are also firm when people try to take advantage.
I was so annoyed at this man a few days ago, arguing with me, why he couldnt cook his chicken pizza!!
In other ways he was a great guy, but so ignorant of our values!. This makes me wonder what I should say about it in a review!!! Oh the Flippin joys!

I know it was to much lol
My partner and I just looked at each other in amazement! lol
I would never dream of this also. There was no decorum!

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