The guest said the house broken into, but did it really?

I will try to make this story as short as possible. The group of 4 people (the guest) texts us and says that some money is missing from the stash, but not all. I gave them the camera access and never herd from them again about this case. One month later they write a negative review, saying that the robber went through the window. The police report was filed. The host never came. Airbnb is refusing to take this review down because we never came to inspect the house. The guest sends us the police report after they checked out. The Airbnb is sticking with the customers because it’s our fault that we never came. I told Airbnb that this is a sabotage, but they don’t think so.

Now comes the murky stuff. According to the guest, the house was clean and everything was in it’s place. Basically, it did not look like a robbery. The guest says that only little bit from the stash was taken, but not all. All the stuff and including the computers if they had any was not taken. A robber usually have no regards for other peoples stuff, but in this case the robber had regards for their stuff. Who do you agree with?

Here is the original 3 star review:

“Была кража денег из дома. По моим догадкам залезли через окно которое находиться в коридоре напротив комнаты,которая ближе к кухне. Так же вернувшись после двух дневной экскурсии окно было обнаружено открытом. Писали заявление в полицию. Хозяева не приехали.”

The police report was send to us 30 days later.

How did the guest leave a review one month after their stay ? @Hamzah_Jaar

And this is an English speaking forum so we can’t read the review.

It sounds like someone in their party took some of the cash.

If any of my guests contacted me to say there had been a burglary I think I might have paid them a visit. I’m curious, why didn’t you go to the property?



They house was booked for 1 month.

They did they not tell me it was a burglary. They just told me that some money was missing from the stash.

I was out of town on that date. I did give them an emergency phone (family member) number in case something happens.

So you knew they had said money was missing but didn’t arrange for family emergency contact to visit?

No because after we gave them the access to video camera recording we never herd from them again about this case. Plus, we never greet customers nor we ever say goodbye to them. Customers are happy.

Only some money was missing, not all. It sounded like they miscalculated or someone within the group stole it. Why should we get involved?

FYI, this is the review using Google translate:

I think all you can do is respond to the review and say your sorry about the theft and that you were out of town when the contacted by the guest about the theft. However, I don’t think that’s necessary. There’s really nothing negative in the review other than you never came (apparently even 30 days later) after being contacted about the theft. There’s probably nothing you or your designated co-host could’ve done if you went there, but it would’ve shown you had some concern/sympathy/empathy/etc. for the guest when the guest was feeling violated and that’s probably the reason for the negative feelings on the stay.

BTW, what did the video from the camera show?


Sounds about as pure as the driven slush.

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I can understand why Airbnb wouldn’t take it down. It’s a he-said, she-said. The guest implies that the fault is with the host who hasn’t ensured adequate security but on the other hand, admits that they were away for a 2 day excursion.

If I were a potential guest reading that I’d wonder why they left a lot of money in the rental when they were going away for two days. That’s hardy the fault of the host.Also, I’d tend to assume that the guest left the window open.

And it is true that the host or co-host didn’t go to the rental. I think most hosts would have done. I would if only to express concern (so that I wasn’t accused to not going there in the review!)

As the host, I’d just forget the who;e thing. Unless the window genuinely is insecure, in which case it’s only sensible to get it fixed.

In the police report they reported a guy walking by the house. We have people walking by the house all the time.

I don’t understand. What are you trying to say?