The allure of drunken outside urination for males

Ok I’m sitting on one of the docks. Night. Dark. crisp breeze. Waves lapping. Noisy egret across waterway. Lights glimmering off water. Beautiful bridge silhouettes to the north & south of me. Next to no traffic noise. Splash of a jumping fish. Oh goody I hear the ding of the swing bridge, a boat will go by soon. Perfect

And then here he comes. Noisy. Stumble. Weave walking. I’m afraid he’s going to fall off the neighboring dock with boat steps to the water. Peeing commences into the water. . “Hey neighbor, I’m right here!”
He waves and wobbles back into his condo.

What the……

Forget trying to tell renters not to pee outside.


It’s unstoppable because they think it’s normal and acceptable behavior. I know this for a fact.


I have heard men say “the world is my urinal”. Gross, but often true. You can try, but I suspect it’s hopeless. Plus, if drunk, people don’t remember what they read or were told.


Would rather they were wobbly piddling outside, rather than attempting to aim inside and wobbly piddling over everything in the bathroom!


Not at all sure that being drunk is a necessary condition.


I’ve seen men peeing outside on my cameras at night, also in broad daylight with my own eyes, I’m sure some are drunk and many are sober. I can’t think of a single thing that would stop it. It’s alluring for them, dis-alluring for many of us. They don’t care. I’m surprised there isn’t a constitutional amendment (US) protecting their right to do so.


Oh I’m laughing so hard…it could happen!


Well, my late husband Steve said, after we moved to 17 very rural acres, that he could never again live on a city lot, where he couldn’t pee in the yard.

He wasn’t drunk.


I don’t really get it. Men pee outside, it’s a fact of life. It has never bothered me at all. Women sometimes do, too, if they are in a secluded area, not near a bathroom, and have to go.


I’m not male but have to say all my years of hiking in the PNW peeing outside was second nature. My 5 acres, if i was working in the back and had to pee that’s where I went.

In cities and towns, that’s not what I do, but out in the woods it’s the natural thing to do. Don’t be appalled city dwellers.


I recall one night about 25 years ago, walking home from the bar with a friend after a few drinks, us being lookout for each other while we took turns peeing between 2 parked cars.

Men peeing outside is only gross to me if they use the same spot all the time, then it starts to stink unless the weather is rainy and washes it away.

Don’t give them ideas, KKC.


“Hey neighbor, I’m right here!”
He left his condo to pee off the dock.

Everything is just a body function but manners would be nice

I agree it was boorish to do that when you were right in sight. I’m so done with drunken men in my life- been there, done that, never again.

In one very short-lived relationship, I heard something in the middle of the night, and woke up to see his incredibly inebriated self peeing on the bedroom floor! His stuff was all out on the front lawn by the time he woke up the next morning.


I have zero issue with this. Although in places like Paris and most of Japan men pee in urban centres, which is gross. I once saw a delivery driver peeing on the outside of my apartment building, and it’s very common to see businessmen (often drunk) peeing at any train station.

Urination is natural, and peeing into the ocean is fine IMHO.
fun fact: on our farm we encourage all males to go and pee outside on the fence lines, it deters foxes. Women’s wee doesn’t have the same effect.


We live on a lake and have beavers that like to come in the night and mow down some prized landscape bushes. They’ve gotten much bolder now that we don’t have a dog peeing on the bushes…they’ll come within 3 feet of the house for my prized miniature maple.

I’ve debated asking my husband to go pee on the bushes in the winter months when the beavers are active.


It’s also said to be good for certain, er, crops. The kind you might grow in somewhere like Colombia…

Ask your husband to do that. If it works, yahoo.


It is good for pretty much all crops, Jaquo. Super high in nitrogen. One of the most incredible vegetable gardens I’ve ever seen, with enormous plants, was watered with the urine water. The couple peed in buckets and diluted it with water and watered their garden with it.

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I don’t suppose that anyone here remembers Fanny Craddock? She was an eccentric TV cook way back.

She used to water her own vegetables - literally. :wink:

I hope they were well-washed…