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Thank you gift for hosts? New from Airbnb?

Background: senior guest booked several months ago. Needed easy/no steps/close parking rental. Grandson help her set up her account & find/book rental.

Health emergency so must cancel. She contacted Airbnb. They told her to use website; they couldn’t do cancellation. She needed help. She asked me.

I asked Airbnb to call & help her. Plus told them I was disappointed they turned away a Grandmother/ guest asking for help (shame on them).

Airbnb escalated it to their “special services” team. They called & helped her.

Airbnb asked if I agreed to full refund. Of course I did because she is canceling under a moderate policy & her reservation is >5 nights away.
Then I get this: new? What could it be?


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Key chain of air logo?

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It’s new in the sense of being notified in advance but over the years we’ve had posts about this. It seems random.

What is the gift, exactly?

That would be a shame, really.

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I got a gift box of mini shampoo, soap, etc. I think it was when I refunded a guest part off her cancelled booking…they love us when we give our $$ away


Well that sucks, I’ve done than for 2 guests now because there event was cancelled due to COVID, dispite them both booking last Summer for the early part of this year and knowing it’s a Strict cancellation. Wish Airbnb would be happy to send me some goodies.

Based on what other hosts have posted over the years they don’t send anything to non-US hosts.

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Socks, I got socks once. My daughter took them:(


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Socks!! I will admit I laughed. Airbnb socks? What a hoot

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Nice wool socks, I miss them. I would go look in daughters room but then I would have to see the condition of said room.

Love gift they called it.

Warm and fuzzy, like the socks.



Did they have the Airbnb logo? That would be fun



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Well they are right In commending you on your excellent service and understanding of what it means to be a great host. Good on you @Annet3176 !

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