Tax in Booking Flow


For Toronto, in addition – to base rate, additional guest fee and cleaning fee, Airbnb allows for a separate tax rate %.

As an example, if our room rate = $100, our incremental guest fee is $35 and the cleaning fee is $20, a one night stay for two guest is $100 + $35 + $20 = $155. If we charge for HST of 13%, this add another $20 or $175.

So, if we charge for HST but a competitor does not for an identical pricing structure, do potential guests see $155 and $155 w/our HST tacked on at the end or do they see $155 and $175.


On your calendar you have a preview tab. After you select that tab, you can enter dates and see what the guest will see for occupancy tax and all fees on your booking. You can also see what the pricing breakdowns are for a competitor offering by using the public site, but I think in your proposed scenario the guest will see $155 and $175.

It depends on your location.

In some locations AirBnB is still allowed to hide added cost until the end.

In other locations like Europe, Air has to display the total price upfront.

The guest will see 2 numbers, something like $153 ($195). (If your rate is $100)

Meaning the room rate is $153 (inc for the number of guest and service fee) but the total price will be $195 (inc cleaning, fees and taxes)

When we lived in the Netherlands, the price that was listed on items was exactly the full price you paid. I liked that so much better than the way it is done in the United States with taxes, fees, etc. added after the fact.

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