Switching to minimum 3 day stay?

Im getting so many 2 day reservations on the weekend.I allow one day stays during the week, which are rare because they have to pay the cleaning fee, making it 145 for one night. Im tired of these short 2 day stays on the weekend, should I change it to 3 day minimum on the weekend?Or will that dramatically cut business?

How do you feel about some trial and error?

In my first year of hosting, I had a low rate and a 2 night minimum and I had many short weekend bookings like you do.

In my second year, I changed to a 3 night minimum and raised my rate slightly and I had the same annual earnings.

This last year, I raised my rate again (30-50% higher than Year One) and changed to a 4 night minimum. I have many more vacant nights now and I will likely not make the same amount as prior years although I attribute this mostly to my increased rate (and the glut of STRs in my city).

When I’ve had 3 night bookings cancelled (which cleared my calendar day for 5+ days) I soon got bookings for a 5+ night stay. So my experience has been that short bookings block the calendar and I only allow them at short notice.


If it’s a whole house I think it’s okay to have a 3 night minimum. I don’t think it will work as well for a private room as I think a room attracts shorter stays.

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It really depends on the marketplace for your property.

And how dependent you are on the income.

You need to decide whether you would rather have less short stays and are happy to consider a reduction in income as a result.

Of course you may live in an area and have target guest group who won’t mind a minimum three nights. You will have a much better idea about this, then us.

I generally have a 3-night minimum for weekends, and it still books. (@Maggieroni, mine’s a private room.)

But that’s my case, like @GutHend and others say, you’ll have to work it out for yourself, based on your circumstances.

Can you tell us this: how many days ahead do your weekends get booked up normally?
On the basis of that, you can set the calendar to expect 3-night minimum bookings until that point and once you cross that point for the coming weekend, you could drop it to 2.

I might try it for a 4/6-week period before trying something else, so you have enough data to work on.

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We sellout year around on the weekends . I probably should’ve put the three day minimum on the weekend at the beginning of the summer rather than going into the fall . Yes maybe trying it for 4 to six weeks as a trial might be the answer .

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If you have that high occupancy for 2 nights, I’d be reasonably confident you can get 3-nighters too. Unless there are specific reasons folk need to come to your town for 2 nights in the weekends.

Our peak season in Los Angeles is summer and early fall. In fact from August through October we are typically booked solid. Our first year of hosting, we were so overwhelmed with requests during those months, we had to change to a three-night minimum just to keep up. In the slower season (i.e., November through March) we relax it to a two-night minimum, which attracts more bookings. We don’t allow one-night bookings…just not worth the the time and energy to prepare the room, greet the guests, etc., which is what really takes all the energy.

Three-night bookings and longer really provide more benefit to us as hosts, because once you prepare the room and greet folks, the guests pretty much just take care of themselves, and you just wait for the cash to roll in.


Where are u located? We are in NYC and fri sat is the weekend for nyers
I should clarify, they stay Friday and Saturday nights and check out Sunday morning as they return to work on Monday.

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Great Britain. For most Brits the weekend starts on at 2pm on Friday when they’re acting busy at the office PC but they’re really browsing or tweeting, and glancing sidewards at the time every 10 minutes :slight_smile:


How far out do you book? I would have a high minimum 5-7 nights, then scale back as dates get closer. People needing longer term stays tend to book further in advance. You can always move back to 2 days if dates remain vacant.

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The first week I had my entire home listed, I had a 2 night minimum. Due to how many reservations I booked in my first week, I quickly changed it to a 3 night minimum. I am even considering a 4 night minumum! I am booked solid and would prefer longer bookings so I don’t have so many turn overs.

It’s only worth doing if you charge for cleaning.
I no longer take short stays too far in advance. As someone said, they tie up the calendar.

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I ask for a 3 day minimum. It’s bad enough , when you consider the amount of cleaning, time spent replenishing food items etc…So far, it hasn’t been an issue. Best!

Im on stand book though,I cant really refuse bookings. Ok.Starting next May(if Im still doing this :/) I will switch to 3 day on weekends. BUT What about if I just charge up the whazoo on the cleaning fee??? Wont that be. Deterrent for short bookings? I now charge 55 for cleaning; if I charge 75 to 100 dont you think I would more 5 day bookings rather than the dreaded 2 day?

I meant to say I am on instant book…

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I think you can edit your post instagram :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont see how to do that if you are on instant book,like I am.

Three day minimum won’t work for many weekend places as most folks only get two days off. I’m going to make my Sunday charge the same as Fri, Sat, which are my premium days, as I’ve had several folks book Sat, Sun, in order to save money, leaving me with an unbookable premium day. I increased my cleaning fee from $50 to $75 and had no complaints and the same percentage bookings. I wish there was a way to offer a discount if they book a third or fourth day.

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