Suspicious guest activity

Hi all,

My wife and I have been hosts for the last 2 years and Superhost for a while, but new to this site! Hoping to get people’s thoughts on something a bit odd!

We currently have a guest with us who initially booked for 1 night, with a lengthy explanation about how he required a place to stay for several weeks for work-related purposes, saying he was a researcher working on COVID-19. He changed the dates of his booking to extend his stay for the next few weeks, but since checking in last week, he has barely been at the property at all and has not left any belongings whatsoever. We also haven’t received his payment and a few days ago, all the messages between us disappeared from the Inbox. We spoke to support and all they could tell us was that his account was “frozen” and “no longer active”, but couldn’t explain any further. They said that the issue was transferred to a different team and we would hear from them, but haven’t heard anything for a few days now.

There are a variety of other odd inconsistencies with his profile and booking that we hadn’t noticed either (i.e. his profile says he lives in USA, but his verified phone number is a number local to our city in Canada).

Has anybody encountered something like this?? We’re at a bit of a loss as to what to do, since he technically hasn’t broken any rules yet, but things just seem increasingly fishy!


I’ve already replied to your post on another forum. @noblesavage8

To summarise. The guest doesn’t have a booking with you. You don’t need to do anything.


Kinda reads like he was trying to get into your place for free and stay there long enough to get tenancy rights.

Well, you definitely want to make sure the guest doesn’t have access to your property. :wink:

Thanks for replying again! Sorry for cross-posting, just wanted to reach as many hosts as possible :slight_smile:

It would seem that way, but his “booking” is still active in our calendar and blocking the next 2 weeks! Would you suggest that we just change the entry code to our door?

I also read elsewhere on other threads about payments not coming through for a while, until they just suddenly do one day with no explanation.

We wondered that too, but the booking isn’t long enough for that, so it doesn’t seem to fit either!

He hasn’t paid
AirBnB says his account is frozen - so he can’t pay you that way
He hasn’t been there and left nothing

Change the locks. Cancel the booking. Call Air and make them open the days.

Seriously, no guest, no money, no booking.


That’s what it’s starting to feel like.

But how are you so certain he hasn’t paid? Normally, when it’s a payment issue, the booking doesn’t get confirmed and it says “Awaiting Payment” instead, but that didn’t happen here. This makes us think that he did pay and that something else happened to his account to cause it to be frozen. In another thread here, other hosts have been having issues with late payments as well, which we thought might be happening here too.

The guest also told me on the phone today that he did pay and received confirmation, so maybe we will ask him to show us that confirmation…

Is this a trick question? Look what you wrote.


But how did he make the booking in the first place? Our understanding is that his account was frozen after he made the booking, we just don’t understand why.

@noblesavage8 Airbnb will never tell you why. Forget ever getting paid for this booking. Change the door code. As far as you know, he’s a drug dealer and just wanted a place to stash all his drugs. I’d advise you to stop tring to second guess what’s going on and follow the advice you’ve been given here. Unless the guy can send you a screen shot of his booking and the fact that he paid, (a copy of his credit card or bank statement), I don’t know why you would just let this go on.


OK, now I know I’m getting trolled.

Guest made booking. Guest “says” he paid (proof?? not likely). AirBnB says guest account NO LONGER ACTIVE AFTER BOOKING.

Seriously? Trolling?


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I’m genuinely confused. Not sure why I would be making any of this up…

The sequence of events was as I said. The guest booked (clearly with an active account), the booking was confirmed (which, unless I’ve been mistaken all along, can’t happen unless there is payment), the guest checked in, then extended the stay (which was also confirmed), and now we’re here. His booking still shows as confirmed and the payment as upcoming! Don’t understand any of this…

Anyways, I’ve gone ahead and changed the door code, as many have already suggested. Asked the guest to provide proof of payment, which I’m not optimistic about.

Sorry if I’m just being unclear or totally moronic…my wife usually handles all this Airbnb stuff and I’m just trying to help her out! :smiley:

Anything with the Guest is a waste of time. Call Airbnb on your special SUPERHOST Support #. Get the to CLEAR YOUR CALENDAR.

Do not email or chat. The Guest has not paid Airbnb, so you will never be paid by airbnb.

If you do nothing, your stay will remain unavailable.

My 2 cents.


Thanks! I was totally unaware that there was a superhost support #. The number I just found doesn’t seem to be in service…

If you currently hold superhost status then you should be able to get the # from them via chat/email. The usual # could be used but may have very long wait times.

Not necessarily. They could charge the guest’s credit card, then have it not go through. Or the guest contacts their credit card company and stops payment. Non-payment seems to happen more often on same day or close to check-in day bookings.

Ah, that makes sense. That did not occur to me. Sad to see people doing such dishonest things :frowning:

Sadder when the booking site doesn’t immediately release the host’s calendar …


You are communicating by phone and not thru the app?