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Surge in requests from new Airbnb users

So, since the new listing was launched we’ve had 14 people contact us with an inquiry, booking request, or actual instant booking. Seven of them are new users of Airbnb. That’s 50%
Our old listing almost never attracted inquires from newbies, or many “inquiries” at all, mostly instant bookings from experienced users.
This is puzzling to me - why the surge in messages from new users?
Anyone experience the same recently?

I’m a brand new host and in a totally different part of the world. Weighing in from New England in the US here. I’ve hosted 7 couples so far and have another 10 reservations coming up. A full 80% of my reservations are from guests who just signed up in July and their first Airbnb experience will by at my house.


A few reasons Tokyo, sorry to shorten your name! More people are hearing about the platform, IB lets them be impulsive, RAISE YOUR PRICES, it’s Tokyo a major destination. And yes, I have had a bunch of newbie requests. I’m in NYC so I am seeing the same thing, I don’t use IB since we live at the property.


Even bad press is press.


Thanks Maggie (likewise :slight_smile:
We have a full apartment listing and only allow IB for guests with prior reviews. I think it’s a good trade off since having IB helps the ranking
Price raised for the second week in a row!
A lot of new users in NYC too??

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80% is a lot! Good luck and make sure they read your rules. Here’s a question I ask - "what is the special code word that is written in our House Rules section ? Free welcome gift if you get it right :slight_smile:

Price raised for the second week in a row!

Yes! Except when we come!

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I use IB and a huge majority of my guests are new to Airbnb. That’s fine. Sometimes they mention how ‘scared’ or ‘nervous’ they are using air for the first time so I like to give them a great experience :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s tourist season, the most recent PITA is a guest coming for sailing lessons. We are in NYC but on the only island paradise in the Bronx. And you can get to Manhattan easily from us.

I bet it’s because new users aren’t as worried about previous reviews, etc, and just looking for a cheap place.

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Sounds like I should raise my prices again!

Good point but our rental is more expensive than the majority of hotels round here :slight_smile:


I’ld say 75% of my guests are new Airbnb members, that’s since I have listed, back in September 2015.

They are always very happy of their first experience :sunglasses:

I am the most expensive listing of my area/category so they definitely don’t look for the cheapest option. I am priced like a suite in a 3/4 stars hotel of the area.


Have you seen an increase in new users too recently? (are you in Paris, by the way?)

I just think too that there’s so many new users that it’s unavoidable to have a high number of new users.


For foreigners I am in Paris, for Parisians, I am far out in the suburb/countryside :smile:. I am 30 minutes from the historic center, in a pretty new town they’re building around the Disney parks.

As i said, the bulk of my guests has always been new users so I can’t really see a surge in new users. I got three inquiries this weekend and they were all from new users though.

This. And yes post must be at least 20 characters !

Everybody fair warning new users can be scammers and look quite legitamite.
I just had a very strange encounter with a supposed host who wanted to book for two nights for sailing lessons and it got stranger and stranger. She was a host since 2009 but no bookings and no reviews. Here is some of the conversation but I forced a cancellation really weird

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Oh good. I’m glad you’ve heard of them. So I’m coming from Brooklyn. I was going to take the subway to the bus. Can you recommend the best bus route?

Also, my phone number is (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) and my email is (EMAIL HIDDEN)
Also, my friend Jen, may come out and stay Thursday night. Let me know if that works with you? it’s not 100% confirmed she will come.
Today at 3:03 PM

Joined years ago but no activity? That in itself should not be a red flag.
It is entirely possible that they just signed up to look/ask around, but have not really started to use the site. I joined around two years ago, made one booking, but then canceled because of an illness – didn’t come back to the site until a year afterwards.

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