SuperStrict and extenuating circumstances policy. Does Airbnb take the money out of your next payment

For the SuperStrict policy - if someone uses extenuating circumstances and qualifies and you have already been paid… does Airbnb just deduct it from future payments?

I thought you didn’t use Airbnb any more @cabinhost ?

I don’t have any payment methods registered with airbnb, so they have no choice other than to take it out of future payments.

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I just had someone change a reservation to shorten it during the stay. I allowed the refund of 1 night and Air said it will come out of my future reservations. They’re not allowed to touch or charge-back your bank accounts or method of payout.

Yes, they take it out of future payouts.

Oooh, just thought of the next Airbnb scam: Create fraudulent host account with a high-priced but fraudulent listing. Create a fraudulent guest account and book a 30-day stay at the fraudulent listing. After the host receives payout, the guest cancels for fraudulent extenuating circumstances. Once the guest receives refund (at least 27-days worth), both guest and host empty their accounts and disappear. The fraudsters walk away with the 84% of the initial booking amount while only actually paying for 10% (3 days) of the initial booking price.

I imagine this would be one of Airbnb’s flags for holding payouts of some new hosts for 30 days, which is mentioned in the Airbnb help pages.