Superhosts rewarded with listing now highlighted on Airbnb

I have been having a flurry of bookings for October, November and early December, which is unusual as here it’s our off peak season and couldn’t work out why.

Then a local host in our host FB group told me that Airbnb having introduced a new section on the website highlighting Superhost listings and mine is one of the Superhost listings featured in their home page :slight_smile:

(Mine is the first one on the left).


I noticed that yesterday when I was looking for a place to stay when I go to a conference in November.

Did it influence your stay :slight_smile:

No, haven’t made up my mind yet. I found it distracting, as not all the highlighted listings were as close as I wanted to be to my destination! So then I found myself getting annoyed.

I think if you put the area that you want to stay in the advanced search function then only those in the area you are looking for will come up.

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My opinion on Superhosts is that there are a great many ‘super’ hosts out there, who may have great clean properties but because of life situations, or seasonal considerations, may not have enough rentals per year to make the actual ‘superhost’ title.


Not if it’s a rather rural area, or maybe some people are willing to drive 40 miles to get to the town of their destination?

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I absolutely agree with you @brook2adks.

My point was more that it is nice that Airbnb is actually giving some tangible benefits to superhosts (as you know it’s normally those on IB and new hosts who rank towards the top of the listings).


This new feature doesn’t appear to be available in my market yet, but I agree that it’s good they are giving superhosts a tangible benefit. My listing currently does well when stacked against the competition, but I’m sure it would do even better with that sort of boost!


Fingers crossed for our second SH qualification on Oct. 1!


I have mixed feelings on this - since almost every listing in my area are those of Superhosts the only advantage is being in the top 4 that show across the board. Otherwise scrolling sideways is just the same as scrolling down.

The listings are also in a slightly different order. I’m the 6th listing swiping sideways but the 4th listing scrolling down.

It appears they have removed the badge symbol and just state Superhost in the text. Also the Instant Book symbol is gone. I don’t use Instant Book so I’m ok with that!

I think SH has lost its lustre. When the guy with a yurt in the middle of nowhere of Hawaii with no running water and a couple of reviews is a SH, it’s getting ridiculous.


Although the symbol is gone it seems they are still putting IB hosts first? I’m not interested enough to research it but when I was looking at listings for an upcoming trip it gave me IB first even though I didn’t have my search limited to that.

Oh @konacoconutz that must be so frustrating for you.

I have to say hand on heart, I don’t do anything in particular to keep my status.

I live in a run down, inner city, often get marked down for location and have a shared bathroom.

Your place looks amazing and I would love to stay there. You offer much more than I do and have views to die for.

Just shows how unfair this can be.

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Thanks Helsinki, (oops, that was a spellcheck, honestly!)

I’m frustrated with the whole thing right now.

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Actually I love Helsinki - I am definitely thinking of changing my nom de plume


Let me know, I can change it for you! :rofl::rofl: OH, check your PMs for a message. :sleepy::cry:

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We’re certainly not rural, but in Los Angeles, CA a 40 minute drive isn’t considered a long commute.

Oh go on then please do :slight_smile:

It does disconnect you from all your previous responses as Helsi. So it’s like getting s new account almost. So let me know,