Superhost when do I REALLY meet all the requirements?

I’m a little bit confused, because if I look at the requirements to become a superhost, then I would say, I meet all the requirements.

  1. I have had more then 10 guests
  2. I am 100% committed (according to what it says on my site)
  3. I just have had 5 stars reviews so far
  4. My responses are at 90%

BUT on my site where it measures if I meet the requirements, it says: “You’re not meeting the requirements for Superhost status”. !!!

I have worked so hard to get enough reviews by end of June so that I can meet the requirements. What else do I need to do?

Is it because I haven’t been on Airbnb for a year?

At least 50% of your guests must leave a review and 80% of the reviews they leave must be 5 stars for overall experience.

How many guests have you had since June and how many of them left a 5 star review?

I have had 13 guests (although Airbnb tells me I had 15, but really can’t figure out which the other two are - I write down the guest I had) and 13 all left me a review. 5 stars. So that’s why I’m a little confused, that it would say that I don’t meet the requirements. :frowning: Even if I had 15 guests and 13 reviews with 5 stars, I should be eligible.

As long as you never cancelled any trip, based on your info, you should be eligible already. Maybe there is some discrepancy between mobile version and PC version. Try to log in from a different version and see if it still shows like this. Sometimes either one will delay the Reach SuperHost status part or views etc.

Sounds like a glitch? Give them a call and ask. There’s a great thread on here for contact numbers - just click on the magnifying glass and type in Airbnb Contact.

If you look at the Stats page, it will tell you the time of your next evaluation.

I read in my account that they only reevaluate superhosts once per month… So perhaps you need to wait until their next reevaluate?

It’s actually quarterly.

“Next Assessment: July 1, 2016”

It also says it on my site, that they will do the next assessment on 1st of July. That’s why I’m nervous, that it still tells me that I don’t meet the requirements. 1st of July is soon!

I might have to call them then. But do I call Airbnb office here in China or would you think that it might better to call the American office?

Here’s a screen shot of my status and it says I’m not meeting the requirements but I clearly am so I guess they don’t assess until July 1st. Last week it did say I was meeting the requirements so I don’t know why it changed. I really don’t care about being a super host anyway. I’m concerned it could raise guest expectations!

I am I Taipei Taiwan and I call the USA when I need. The office in China always puts you on hold and then it says they are all busy. Never had success with CS in China.

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Both devices (cell phone and laptop) do tell the same thing. So I might have to call them.

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I think it’s a glitch that will get straightened out when they do the review, and you will be granted Super Host status, but you could always give them a call!
I’m going to lose mine, as I have had a few nit-picky guests!

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I did call them and it’s what I thought it was. You have to have been hosting for a full year, before you can become superhost, even if you meet all the requirements. :frowning: So that explains it.

Since when? Is this a new rule?

In the past you could pick it up after three months if you met the requirements.

oh, I didn’t ask that. Because it just confirmed what I was thinking anyway, I was to stupid to ask that question. hahaha

They may be confused because the requirements state, “Over the past year.” This is not to say you must be host for a whole year.

Let us know what happens on July 1, or post a screenshot of the page as it stands now.


To qualify as a Superhost, hosts must: (1) have an Airbnb account in good standing, and (2) satisfy the minimum performance standards detailed at the Superhost Program Page. Superhost qualifications are valid only for the qualification period, and your Superhost badge may be revoked if you fail to meet the qualification standards. Superhost qualifications and performance standards may also be changed from time to time at Airbnb’s sole discretion.

Hosts can review their performance history and eligibility status at the host dashboard.

Superhost Evaluations

Qualification is automatically evaluated every 3 months (“qualification period”) on the first day of every calendar quarter (“review date”). If a host satisfies the performance standards and other qualifications for the most recent 12 months from the review date, then the host is automatically eligible to become a Superhost for the qualification period. (For example, if the review date is on July 1, 2014, then a host’s performance from the most recent previous 12 months from July 1, 2014 is measured.)

Superhost status is automatically revoked at the next review date if the host did not meet the performance standards during the most recent 12 months. Airbnb may, but is not obligated to, notify hosts of their Superhost status revocation. Hosts who have had their Superhost status revoked may regain their Superhost status during a future qualification period if they meet the qualifications for the most recent previous 12 months on that review date.

If you qualify to become a Superhost, a badge indicating your status as a Superhost will automatically be added to your Airbnb profile and your listing pages for as long as you continue to qualify. Occasionally this may take some time for our automated systems to process. The delay in the appearance of the badge doesn’t impact your Superhost status, and you will still be able to receive the benefits once you qualify as a Superhost. If you wish to turn off your Superhost badge, please contact Airbnb. Turning off your badge does not affect your Superhost status; you’ll still be able to enjoy the benefits of being a Superhost. If you want to turn your badge back on, please contact Airbnb.