Superhost Week Email

Anyone else get this email today from Airbnb?

Superhost Week
We want to thank you for offering the best hospitality on Airbnb. Here’s how we’re celebrating you all week long:

\ 48x47 Marketing to guests
This week, Superhosts will be featured on the front page of Airbnb’s site, where millions of people visit each day. More views of your listing can lead to more bookings, which is one reason why Superhosts earn 22% more on average.*

\ 55x40 Social Spotlight
Many guests look to social media for booking inspiration, so we’re highlighting your inspiring stories of hospitality all week to millions of followers worldwide. Have a story to share? Tell us on Facebook and Instagram.

\ 41x51 Airbnb Magazine
Being a Superhost comes with special perks. Superhosts will receive a complimentary one year Airbnb Magazine subscription to share with guests (and look good on your coffee table).

And this is just the beginning. We’re also helping hosts who have guests for longer stays get fairer access to becoming a Superhost. Learn more about this change and Superhost Week.

Thank you for going above and beyond, every day, with every guest.

Airbnb\ 32x36
The Airbnb team
*Based on internal Airbnb data comparing median aggregate revenue earned by Superhosts to other hosts (with 10+ bookings) on the platform worldwide during 2017.

I don’t currently have a boost in my search results.

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Yes, just saw it now. Apparently I’ve hosted 1410 guests from 54 countries over the past 6 years :open_mouth: No wonder I’m so bloody tired…
But my calendar is completely empty for Jan and Feb so I’m not seeing any SH boost. I refuse to lower my prices any further. So I’m looking now to get a weekday renter and just do Air at weekends.


In answer to your questions @Xena

a) yes - everyone of the millions of superhosts around the world would have got this email

b) if you read the marketing blurb above, they don’t say you are getting an additional boost. They are saying superhost status is one of the factors they take into account when placing listings.

It says superhosts will be featured on its front page but not how many - can only be a handful of the millions out there.

It says you can post stories of two of their social media accounts, which if featured will direct more traffic to your listing.

I got the same e mail minus the magazine bit. Guess thats just for the US!

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I was quite interested to look at the map from where all the guests came from but it is only on the screen for a few seconds so it’s useless.

I didn’t see the email and don’t care enough to go back and look to see if I deleted it. I did notice when I went to the Airbnb homepage today that there was a big “stay with a SH” banner up top. I’m always near the top of search and there are lots of SH in my town but strangely, just a limited number of top spots so I don’t think that’s going to help. I’ve been getting the magazine, I guess they are extending for another year.

It’s better than nothing but I don’t expect it will change anything for me.

Edit to add: when I saw that it apparently totals up our guests I went and looked for it. More than I thought. That must count the number of people in each booking group because based on my number of reviews and review rate I calculated hosting 580 guests. That’s also more countries than I realized. Cool.


Sorry to say I don’t think it shows that. Here’s a screen grab of my map, that’s far more than 14 countries. map

If you are right about counting the number of guests then mine is very inaccurate as 50% of my guests miss that part and only put down 1 guest when there is clearly 2. It’s so frequent I can’t be bothered to point out their error and send an alteration. I think you are right though as I have 580+ reviews and I am sure that more than one in three write reviews.

I was also surprised by the amount of countries as I thought we had only had a sprinkling.

Let me try again 20 20

Nope, counted it, the map stays on the screen for less than 3 seconds.

Correct. You have to be ready and grab it when it presents. I had the “snipping tool” at the ready. It took a couple of clicks to get it but it runs on a loop so I just had to get the timing down.

I always send an alteration and I always get my second person fee so the count would be accurate. No way I would have ever gone and counted by hand and I don’t keep a spreadsheet so it was cool to see the number. I’m sure there is a lot of data they could give us access to if they wanted to.


My map is different to yours though, you have a lot more dots in the US but there are also similarities. Looks like it’s just some random map they are using and not relevant to your numbers. What a shame.

Where are you seeing the map? I don’t see it or any link in the email.

Anyway, I WIN!! 54 countries!! And most of my guests are couples/friends so… I WIN AGAIN!!

just kidding, btw. It’s not a competition, is it? :wink:

edit I just realised that you click on the text to see the map. It’s like some weird GIF. Totally meaningless.

When they upped the criteria on SH, they lost a number of good hosts (i.e. Kona) by a slim margin. Long term hosts like me were at the bottom of the food chain. Couple that with Plus hosts and there was really no incentive to chase after the brass ring.

I don’t think just a week will do it however.


It’s a generic map, we’ve got the same one and we’ve never had anyone from Australia or South Africa!



Not any more it would appear.



Also got the email minus the magazine - what is that magazine about? Is it useful?

This is useless. Just a fancy marketing stunt for what? Maybe some will be impressed. I’m not.
How about they give us a voucher of a cash compensation instead?
We make this company billions and this is what we get?

By the way, the map is not correct. There are too many countries which I’ve never had guests from.

I’m really surprised that I’ve hosted ppl from 31 countries. I have so many Americans and Germans so this is interesting to me. Useful? Not really. But numbers can be fun. Although many times just meh… Just like this email.


They could have at least sent a big box of chocolates. Would last about ten minutes here, but it’s the thought…:slight_smile:

It’s about travel using Airbnb. It’s attractive, reasonably well done. I put mine in the room and some guests look at it.

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